What You Need to Do a Week Before You Move

Someone using packing tape on a box

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With only one week remaining, you're probably feeling a little stressed, a little excited and very impatient. It's likely that you're running on very little sleep, so make sure you don't pack the coffee maker just yet. It's always one of the essentials that usually travels in the car.

Transfer Bank Accounts and Close Safety Deposit Boxes

Make sure you take care of all your banking before you move, in particular, if you're moving to another state or a new country and you're moving banks. 

Pack an Essentials Box

Pack a box with clothes and toiletries you'll need for your trip and the first few nights in your new home. Make sure everyone in your family has their own essentials box with everything they need. 

In addition to ensuring that everyone in your family has their own essentials box, pack a separate box or two with stuff your whole family can use. Mark the box "Do Not Move" or put it in your car to ensure the movers don't pack it with the rest of your stuff. Contents should include some of the items on this list, such as toilet paper, contact lenses, pet food, medication and your handy dandy moving journal that you started eight weeks ago. 

Pay Any Remaining Bills and Close the Accounts

If you're moving a long distance, you probably canceled your utilities or had them transferred to your new address. If you're closing accounts, make sure everything is paid, and the service cut off dates are confirmed. You don't want to be charged for utilities after your move out date. 

Prepare Items in Your Garage and Shed

This is the time to get your tools and gardening supplies ready to move. This includes draining your lawnmower, power tools, and anything else motorized of fuel. Most movers won't move anything flammable so ensure you've properly disposed of anything that isn't safe to move. Also, get tools ready to move by covering any sharp blades.

Confirm the Movers

Call the moving company you've hired to confirm their arrival times and parking strategies and go over all arrangements to ensure everything is on track. This is the best way to avoid extra mover fees. 

Dissemble Remaining Furniture

Depending on the type of mover you've hired, you may need to take apart your furniture before they arrive. A full-service mover will do this for you and wrap the furniture as part of the moving agreement. But if you're responsible for preparing furniture, now is the time to get it ready to move. 

Figure Out a Simple Meal Plan

At the beginning of the week, figure out a simple meal plan. Decide what or where you'll eat the night before your move and each night in between. Buy only those food items you need so you're not throwing out food before you move. 

Finish the Majority of the Packing

Whatever is left to pack, make sure you do it by the end of the week. Don't leave too much packing for the last day as you'll be busy enough with last-minute moving day tasks. Clearly label all boxes and make sure you've marked where each one belongs.