10 Awesome DIY Paint Projects You Can do This Weekend

10 Best DIY Paint Projects


Accent walls will always be in style. They're a simple DIY paint project that creates big changes with a little bit of paint. If you're ready to make a style statement with your accent wall, consider using a wall stencil. A wall stencil DIY project gives you complete control of choosing your favorite design and paint colors. To pull your room's design together, repeat your accent wall pattern with an area rug or pillow fabrics. Learn how to stencil walls and furniture from Cutting Edge Stencils. 

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    Makeover Dated Furniture With This Pretty DIY Paint Project

    10 Genius DIY Paint Hacks - - Kendall Charcoal
    10 Awesome DIY Paint Projects @Benjamin Moore - Kendall Charcoal

    Even the most beautiful old furniture can benefit from a color makeover. If you have a piece of furniture that you love but are seriously wondering if it still fits your style, try this DIY paint update project. The key to a stunning paint makeover is adding a pop of unexpected color. For a hutch or buffet, painted shelves in a pretty color are highlighted by a more serious color outside. A bookcase can be updated by painting the inside back or interior shelves with a pop of color. You can learn how to update your own furniture in this how-to from Benjamin Moore. 

    Benjamin Moore Marblehead Gold and Kendall Charcoal were used for this gorgeous hutch makeover.

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    Paint Your Ceiling for an Unexpected Pop of Color

    10 Genius Paint Color Hacks - Wythe Blue Ceiling
    10 Awesome DIY Paint Projects ©Benjamin Moore - Wythe Blue

    Painting over your plain white ceiling, like this gorgeous blue dining room ceiling from Benjamin Moore, is a subtle way to add color to any room. Dining rooms are the perfect spot for ceiling color, especially with a trayed ceiling or decorative molding that separates the new paint color from the walls. Though painting your ceiling can be a DIY painting project, if you're not sure you have the right tools (or enough patience to paint a ceiling,) you might want to leave it to the professionals. 

    Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue HC-143

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    Get Creative with Sherwin-Williams Sketch Pad™ Dry Erase Paint

    10 Genius DIY Paint Hacks
    10 Awesome DIY Paint Projects ©Sherwin-Williams

    Sherwin-Williams Sketch Pad™ Dry Erase Paint gives you unlimited color options for a DIY writing and drawing surface in your home. Any kitchen, home office, or studio would be the perfect spot for a colorful dry erase surface to help you stay organized or be more creative. Turn a piece of furniture, a section of your wall or door, into a colorful dry erase board with just a few coats of paint. 

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    Try an Easy Chalkboard Paint Project

    Easy Chalkboard Paint Projects
    10 Awesome DIY Paint Projects ©Benjamin Moore

    Imagine the possibilities for your home when you try a chalkboard paint DIY project. Chalkboard paint can be used on walls, inside cabinet doors, and even on furniture. With the advances in chalkboard paint, you can now get it in most paint colors. Benjamin Moore has chalkboard paint DIY inspiration for every room in your home, (and outside, too.)

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    A Stunning Front Door DIY Paint Project

    10 Awesome DIY Paint Projects
    10 Genius DIY Paint Projects You Can Do This Weekend ©SondraP/E+?Getty Images

    Updating your front door with paint color is the top curb appeal booster for your home. Front door color inspiration can come from your garden, your home's architectural style, or your interior decor. 

    Once you've chosen your color, you'll want to make sure you have the tools and the instructions for this DIY project before you begin. Learn how to do a front door makeover with this Sherwin-Williams front door facelift tutorial

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    Paint a Laminate Dresser

    Painting a Laminate Dresser - DIY Paint Projects
    10 Awesome DIY Paint Projects ©Sherwin-Williams

    Your furniture doesn't have to be an heirloom or designer piece to be stylish. Laminate furniture can be transformed with paint, with this simple Sherwin-Williams DIY project: How to Paint a Laminate Dresser. You can paint your laminate furniture in one great color, try a color-block design, or even a pattern. 

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    Add an Awesome Accent Wall

    10 Genius DIY Paint Hacks
    10 Awesome DIY Paint Projects ©Benjamin Moore

    Everyone knows that accent walls are one of the easiest ways to transform any room with color. Adding an accent wall is a simple way to add an accent color to a tired color palette, or add a focal point to a room without any architectural features. Any color can be used to for your accent wall DIY paint project, but be sure to plan out your color palette first so that you can tie everything together. 

    Learn the essential do's and don'ts of accent walls.

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    Add Glamour to Your Powder Room With Paint

    10 Awesome DIYPaint Color Projects
    10 Genius DIY Paint Projects to Do This Weekend ©Behr

    Most two-story homes have a small bathroom downstairs that was designed for convenience. Though this bathroom may not be used exclusively by guests, there is no reason not to express your dramatic side by creating a stunning powder room.
    The fun of decorating this tiny bathroom is that it is the one room in your home that doesn't have to "look bigger." You can choose whatever paint color you like as long as you have the right lighting. Powder rooms are where you can express your style without a thought to the rest of the house. Choose a favorite color, replace a boring mirror with a pretty framed one, and add decorative accents for a simple bathroom makeover.

    Check out these gorgeous powder room paint colors.

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    Express Your Own Style With DIY Stenciled Throw Pillows

    10 Genius DIY Paint Hacks
    10 Awesome DIY Paint Projects ©CuttingEdgeStencils.com

    Throw pillows are the quickest and easiest way to add a pop of color or pattern to any room. More than an afterthought, throw pillows are the finishing touch when you decorate a room. 

    If you want to totally customize your space, try the throw pillow stencil designs from PaintAPillow.com. With their unique system, choice of modern and romantic designs, and fabric paint color selection, you can create a completely customized style at home.