19 DIY Projects To Decorate Your Home

DIY baking jars on counter with baking supplies and utensils

Tell Love and Party

Are you thinking about staying home this weekend? Instead of spending the entire weekend marathoning a new Netflix series and having nothing to tell you friends and co-workers on Monday about what you did over the weekend, tell them about the cool new project you made for your home and showcase your creative side. Here are amazing DIY projects that would be perfect to update your home, from small accessories such as candles to large furniture makeovers there is something for everyone.

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    DIY Faux Brass Headboard

    Twin bed with faux brass headboard
    Sugar and Cloth

    Love your affordable Malm bed from Ikea, but want to give your bedroom a fresh new look? One easy way to update the look of your bedroom is to apply a peel and stick brass finish over your existing headboard using contact paper. This DIY idea by Sugar and Cloth is perfect for those of you with a headboard that is scratched or slightly damaged as you can resurface the headboard to look extra glamorous.

    DIY Faux Brass Headboard from Sugar and Cloth

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    DIY Modern Key Holder

    Wall-mounted modern woodblock key holder
    Francois et Moi

    Help keep your home organized by creating your own modern wall mounted key holder that you can use to hang your keys once you get home from work. The DIY key holder from Francois et Moi has space to hold several keys so that everyone in your family can have a spot for their key. With this clever and easy to make DIY project you can help keep your front entrance organized and help prevent yourself dashing around the house searching for your keys every time you head out of your home.

    DIY Modern Key Holder from Francois et Moi

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    DIY Lucite Bathtub Caddy

    Lucite bathtub caddy resting across the top of free-standing tub
    A Beautiful Mess

    Pamper yourself this weekend by turning your bathroom into a spa-like retreat by building a luxurious looking lucite bathtub caddy that you can use while soaking in the tub to hold creams, bubble baths, candles, a book and even a glass of wine. Once completed this beautiful bathtub caddy designed by A Beautiful Mess will quickly become part of your relaxing bath routine. Go ahead and build one, you deserve some time to relax.

    DIY Lucite Bathtub Caddy from A Beautiful Mess

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    DIY Gold Tropical Leaf Print

    Framed tropical leaf print
    Lovely Indeed

    Add some new art to your home this weekend with this simple tutorial. So you're not headed out on a tropical vacation? Bring some island vibes into your home with this easy and chic DIY Gold Tropical Leaf print.

    DIY Gold Tropical Leaf Print from The Spruce

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    DIY Marble Accordion Coat Rack

    Accordion coat rack with faux marble finish
    Drawn to DIY

    This weekend, give your apartment or small condo a place to hang your coats and bags by transforming a dollar store accordion rack with contact paper just like Drawn To DIY did to make a luxurious looking marble coat rack that you can hang on your walls.

    DIY Marble Accordion Coat Rack from Drawn to DIY

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    DIY Concrete Dipped Vase

    Cut flowers in two concrete dipped vases

    Bring some fresh cut flowers into your home and showcase them in some small concrete vases that you can DIY just like Burkatron did by dipping a plain bud vase in concrete for a quick weekend project. Need an easy birthday gift idea? Surprise your friend with a handmade flower arrangement in a DIY concrete vase.

    DIY Concrete Dipped Vase from Burkatron

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    DIY Graphic Laundry Baskets

    Painted woven laundry baskets with personalized messages using stick-on letters
    Studio DIY

    Hate doing laundry? You are not alone. Help make the next time you need to wash your dirty clothes a bit more fun by making some silly woven or seagrass laundry baskets with this great project from Studio DIY that is sure to make to you smile. To make your own graphic laundry baskets paint the bottom in your favorite colour, and stick​-on your custom message such as fresher than you, or talk to me dirty with sticker letters for the best laundry basket ever!

    DIY Graphic Laundry Baskets from Studio DIY

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    DIY Invisible Bookends

    Books used as bookends
    A Beautiful Mess

    Do you prefer a more minimal look without too many unnecessary accessories? Help yourself achieve that look in your home by streamlining your bookcase by disguising your bookends to look like two books standing up on their own with this project from A Beautiful Mess. The end result of these invisible bookends is a clean line of books that looks outstanding, and it is a great way to repurpose two books you own.

    DIY Invisible Bookends from A Beautiful Mess

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    DIY Large Round Copper Mirror

    Large round mirror framed with copper tubing hanging above console
    A Bubbly Life

    Make yourself a large round mirror to hang in your home to give yourself a place to check your appearance before you step out of your house with this DIY project from A Bubbly Life that wraps copper tubing around a mirror to create a modern-looking framed mirror. Large store bought framed mirrors are often expensive, so you can reduce the cost by using the affordable unframed mirrors that are sold in hardware stores, or by finding a thrift store mirror, and building your own custom frame out of copper tubing.

    DIY Large Round Copper Mirror from A Bubbly Life

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    DIY Color Dipped Plaster Candles

    Color-dipped plaster candles used as a table centerpiece
    A Kailo Chic Life

    Add some color to your table by using plaster in shot glass molds to create plaster containers that you can paint in bright paint colors then fill with wax and a wick just like A Kailo Chic Life did. Once the plaster candles are ready evenly spaced them down the center of your dining room table for a reusable centerpiece.

    DIY Color Dipped Plaster Candles from A Kailo Chic Life

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    DIY Baking Jars

    DIY baking jars on counter with baking supplies and utensils
    Tell Love and Party

    Give a facelift to your old Ryssby jars from Ikea by spray painting the top of the glass jars gold to give them a fresh look just like Tell Love And Party​ did. Your newly painted jars are perfect for using on your kitchen's counter to store baking supplies, such as flour and sugar so that you can always see how much of your primary baking supplies you have left.

    DIY Baking Jars from Tell Love and Party

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    DIY Pottery Barn Inspired Sculptures

    DIY Pottery Barn inspired sculptures on console table
    Sharon Joyce Interiors

    Accessorize your console table or bookcase with a pair of Pottery Barn inspired sculptures that can easily work with a variety of interior decorating styles. Sharon Joyce Interiors sculptures look nearly identical to Pottery Barn's Nickel Ring On A Stand sculpture but instead is made by attaching a large embroidery hoop to a wooden base, and then painting the entire sculpture with metallic paint. 

    DIY Pottery Barn Inspired Sculptures from Sharon Joyce Interiors

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    DIY Chopstick Rest

    Black and white chopsticks resting on white DIY chopstick rests
    The Merrythought

    Keep your chopsticks from sitting directly on the table by sculpting your own custom set of gorgeous chopstick rests using air dry clay and a kitchen knife to sculpt them into shape.

    DIY Chopstick Rest from The Merrythought

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    DIY Gold Foil Brushstroke Pillow

    Gold foil brushstrokes painted onto a throw pillow
    Design Love Fest

    Update a flat one color pillow to be extra eye-catching by giving it a gold foil brushstroke pattern by painting silk screen adhesive on the fabric and laying gold silk screen foil directly on top.

    DIY Gold Foil Brushstroke Pillow from Design Love Fest

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    DIY Shopping Is My Cardio Bag

    Large pencil case personalized using an iron-on decal
    Minted Strawberry

    Take a blank pencil case, tote, or makeup bag and decorate it with this cute iron-on transfer that you can download from Minted Strawberry.

    DIY Shopping Is My Cardio Bag from Minted Strawberry

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    DIY Gold Leaf Lamp Shade

    Lampshade with black exterior and gold leaf interior in closeup
    Craft Thyme

    It is hard to believe that the gorgeous black lamp shade with a metallic gold interior that beautifully reflects the light used to be a plain white shade. This weekend update a lampshade in your home, either by changing the exterior color and adding gold leaf interior or by just adding the gold leaf inside.

    DIY Gold Leaf Lamp Shade from Craft Thyme

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    DIY Tea Light Candle Holder

    Translucent votives with traces of gold leaf
    Vitamini Handmade

    Add some romantic soft candlelight to your home in these lovely gold flecked candle holders that are made by covering a glass votive with Premo Sculpey translucent clay with small pieces of gold leaf mixed into the clay.

    DIY Tea Light Candle Holder from Vitamini Handmade

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    DIY Wood Plate Charger

    Dinner place setting with a wood charger plate
    Pneumatic Addict

    Add a rustic touch to your dinner setting by making a set of wood plate chargers out of a sheet of plywood that would look fabulous either for a dinner party or brought outdoors on your patio table.

    DIY Wood Plate Charger from Pneumatic Addict

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    DIY Wood Cutting Board

    Square and rectangular DIY cutting boards
    To Simply Inspire

    Stocking your kitchen with a few beautiful wood cutting boards can be expensive, but you can make your own by cutting a piece of popular down to size, sanded down the edge and conditioning the wood with cutting board oil. 

    DIY Wood Cutting Board from To Simply Inspire