Weekend Home Organization Projects

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Many home organization projects can be completed quickly in under 10 minutes, and some can take 20-30 minutes to complete. There is another set of projects that really need a few hours of work, and I am calling those Weekend Home Organization Projects. This way you can devote an entire weekend morning, afternoon, or evening to completing a project. 

Or, you can choose to break up your work in 15 or 30 minute installments over the course of a weekend.

  1. Figure out what you should be storing in the basement and attic, and what you shouldn’t. This will help you to envision what to store in these space and how to layout your storage scheme.
  2. Get started with goal setting. Setting goals properly will make them much easier to achieve. There’s a right way and a wrong way to do this.
  3. Get your closet organized. This no-holds-barred guide to organizing the closet will help you declutter, sort, store and maintain an organized closet.
  4. Create a personalized daily routine to suit your daily scheduleThis will help you to figure out what you need to get done, and when you’re going to complete daily tasks.
  5. Figure out what to store under your bed and how to store it. Under bed storage is an easy place to store frequently used items.
  6. Store everything in your kitchen properly. This guide will take you through your kitchen to ensure that every dish, bowl, appliance and ingredient is stored properly.
  7. Get your book collection organized. Cookbooks, references books, fiction -- we cover every kind of book and how to organize and store them in this step-by-step guide.
  8. Install some bathroom organizers.  Make this small space a little more organized and streamlined by employing some bathroom organizers.
  9. Learn to maximize the storage space in your kitchen cabinets. This way its content will be easier to locate and you’ll have less “stuff” to dig through.
  10. Learn how to store everything in your home and office. Once you know how to store everything in your office, home office organization become much easier.

Weekend Projects to Organize Your Home

  1. Spring clean your clothes closet Get your clothes closet ready for warmer weather, or just give it a good decluttering in a weekend morning or afternoon.
  2. Quickly organize the linen closet. You could do this one in 30 -- if your linen collection is small and you don’t need to launder anything -- but for most households, this is a weekend morning or afternoon project.
  3. Learn to use your daily routine to achieve your toughest goalsTime to check in on your goals and goal setting. Use your daily routine to reach your long-term goals.
  4. Map out a plan to organize the bathroom Organizing the bathroom will help make busy weekday mornings easier, and create a sense of calm in an often overcrowded, small space.
  5. Organize your entryway. This home organization task will make your daily life getting in and out of your home much easier.
  6. Get rid of clutter in your bathroom. The bathroom can become cluttered both because it’s normally a small space and because everyone has lots of little products they like to keep around. Spend a weekend morning or afternoon rooting out clutter like old medications and empty tube and bottles.
  7. Organize your kitchen cabinets in 5 simple steps. Simple steps to declutter and organize the cabinets will make cooking, shopping, and meal planning much easier.
  8. Organize your closet for summerBe organized in your clothes closet for summer by swapping out wool for linen, and more tips.
  9. Declutter your clothes closets. Go through your closet and purge some old clothing. Then donate or consign it.
  10. Learn to maximize storage space in a small or smaller closet. In this guide you will learn how to utilize pre-existing storage in a small closet.
  11. Organize your garage. Can you fit your car in your garage? Spend the weekend organizing by zones, decluttering and sorting items.
  12. Learn when, where and how to donate clothing, shoes and household itemsGo through this checklist and start the vital home organization project of figuring out when, where and how you will donate household items.
  13. Learn how to organize your time efficiently. This is a big one. Take some time over the weekend to figure out how you’re organizing your time and where you can improve.
  14. Organize project bins for tasks you do regularly. This project will make storage easier and you home organization around projects like entertaining, holidays and home decor more, well, organized.

Organize The Home Over the Weekend

  1. Maximize closet storage space. This project will help you learn to maximize your already-existing closet storage so you can fit in more clothing and make the clothes you wear regularly easy-to-reach.
  2. Organize and store your shoes the right way. Before you can store your shoes and boots, it’s absolutely necessary you get them organized.
  3. Organize your tools. Make your next home renovation, craft, or DIY project a bit easier by organizing your tools.
  4. Organize your To Do list in a new (read: better) way. Be more organized by learning to organize your task list in new ways.
  5. Get your mail organized. Cut down on junk mail, create a system for answering mail, and declutter and shred what you no longer need.
  6. Declutter your clothing. This will help you organize your closet easier, get dressed more quickly in the morning, and make laundry day a bit more pleasant.
  7. Learn how to store clothes, and get organized. If you want to make closet organization easier, organizing and storing your clothes properly is a key component of this process.
  8. Sort out your clothes for donation. It is much easier to declutter your closet when you know your clothing, shoes, and accessories are going to worthy charity. 
  9. Organize all your jewelry properly. Organizing and storing your jewelry is a big part of organizing your accessories.
  10. Store your shoes properly. Get control of your shoes (and boots with this guide to where and how to store your footwear.
  11. Plan out your closet storage. Rather than just dive in and start buying new closet storage solutions, take time to plan your closet storage.
  12. Store and organize everything in your kitchen cabinets.  Rather than a full cabinet overhaul, simply take everything out, sort it, and re-store it. trust me, this will make a difference, but you need a weekend to do it.
  13. Learn how to store kitchen appliances. This will make kitchen organization, cabinet organization, countertop organization and pantry organization so much easier.
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Weekend Organizing with Projects

  1. Organize your closet for fall. Get your closet organized for fall now by swapping lighter fabrics for heavier and getting control of your boot collection.
  2. Get your meal planning and food shopping organized. Meal planning can be made much easier with these tips for eliminating meals first, and then working around fresh produce.
  3. Declutter your kitchen cabinets by learning what not to store in them. Cabinets can become a breeding ground for clutter. Spend a weekend decluttering, sorting and organizing.
  4. Get your boots organized and stored properly. Several different types of boots call for some quality time planning a storage scheme that makes sense for you.
  5. Figure out how long you need to keep all of your documents. This included tax documents, general financial document, academic records and medical records.
  6. Get your closet organized for winter. Store the bathing suits and pull out the wool hats. Spend a weekend deep-diving into your clothes storage and re-organizing your closet.
  7. Locate a good clothing donation center. Spend some time researching a local charitable organization who will accept your donations.
  8. Get all of your holiday decor organized and stored properly. There’s an easier way to store your holiday decorations and it starts with organizing them.
  9. Make an organizing calendar for the next year. Follow my calendar for being organized year round and chart out when you will organizing with spaces and items.
  10. Organize your pantry. Dive into your pantry and get your kitchen basic organized over a weekend.