Weekend Home Organization Projects

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Many home organization projects can be completed quickly in under 10 minutes, and some can take much longer. These projects might take a weekend or day or so to complete, but you will be rewarded with an organized home. 

Create a Gameplan

Before you can tackle home organization, you need a gameplan. Set goals properly—such as a home organized for the optimal functioning of a busy family—then plan accordingly to accomplish your goal.

Once you know what you want to accomplish, you can start tackling home projects room by room.

Basement, Garage, and Attic

These areas are ideal storage spaces for items that aren't used regularly, like holiday decor. Spending a weekend (or two) deciding what to store in these spots will help alleviate clutter throughout your home.

  • Organize your garage. Can't fit your car in your garage? Spend the weekend organizing by zones, decluttering, and sorting items.
  • Organize your tools. Make your next home renovation, craft, or DIY project a bit easier by organizing your tools.

Entryway and Mudroom

Whether you enter your home through the front door or from the garage, the last thing you want to see is mail stacked up or kids' bookbags strewn about. Use these tips to organize your entry areas.

  • Organize your entryway. This home organization task will make your daily life getting in and out of your home much easier.
  • Get your mail organized. Cut down on junk mail, create a system for answering mail, and declutter and shred what you no longer need.


Rather than just dive in and start buying new closet storage solutions, take time to plan your closet storage. Once you've gone through all the closets in your home and decided what to get rid of, sort out your clothes for donation. It is much easier to declutter your closet when you know your clothing, shoes, and accessories are going to a worthy charity. 

  • Declutter your clothes closets. Go through your closet and purge some old clothing. Then donate or consign it. This will help you organize your closet easier, get dressed more quickly in the morning, and make laundry day a bit more pleasant.
  • Get your closet organized. This no-holds-barred guide to organizing the closet will help you declutter, sort, store, and maintain an organized closet.
  • Make closet organization a seasonal task. In the spring, get your closet ready for warmer weather, while in the fall, swap lighter fabrics for heavier and bring your boot collection to the front for easy access. Heading into winter, put away bathing suits and pull out the wool hats. Four times a year, spend a weekend deep-diving into your clothes storage and re-organizing your closet.
  • Organize and store your shoes the right way. Before you can store your shoes and boots, it’s absolutely necessary you get them organized. Get control of your shoes and boots with this guide to where and how to store your footwear.
  • Learn to maximize storage space in a small or smaller closet. The above organizing tips are even more important if your closet space is on the small side. Learn how to utilize pre-existing storage in a small closet.
  • Quickly organize the linen closet. Clothes closets aren't the only closets in need of organizing. You can complete this task in 30 minutes if your linen collection is small and you don’t need to launder anything but for most households, this is a weekend morning or afternoon project.


Think there's no way to organize your bedroom? Think again.


When you think of spending a weekend organizing your kitchen, your mind probably goes straight to the pantry. While this is important, don't neglect your kitchen cabinets as well. Spend some time learning how to store everything in your kitchen properly to ensure that every dish, bowl, appliance and ingredient is stored properly.


Organizing bathrooms in a weekend is a simple three-step process—plan, declutter, and streamline.

  • Map out a plan to organize the bathroom Organizing the bathroom will help make busy weekday mornings easier, and create a sense of calm in an often overcrowded, small space.
  • Get rid of clutter in your bathroom. The bathroom can become cluttered both because it’s normally a small space and because everyone has lots of little products they like to keep around. Spend a weekend morning or afternoon rooting out clutter like old medications and empty tube and bottles.
  • Install some bathroom organizers.  Make this small space a little more organized and streamlined by employing some bathroom organizers.

Home Office

Home offices all too often become catch-alls for every book and piece of paper in the home. Learn how to store everything in your home office, including your book collection. Once you know how to store everything in your office, home office organization become much easier.

Make It Routine

Spending a few weekends to take your home from chaotic mess to organized bliss is time well spent. From then on, a few minutes or an hour on a regular basis will keep your home running smoothly. Create a personalized daily routine to suit your schedule. This will help you to figure out what you need to get done, and when you’re going to complete daily tasks.

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