WellieWishers Dolls and American Girl Episodes for Kids 5-7

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    Who are the WellieWishers Dolls?

    WellieWishers Dolls by American Girl
    American Girl

    Meet the WellieWishers dolls: Willa, Kendall, Ashlyn, Emerson and Camille. These 6 year-olds hope to make the world a more kinder place.

    Young girls ages 5-7 will enjoy reading about these characters through books, watching them in animated episodes, and playing with 1 or all of their favorite characters in their day-to-day adventures.  

    The WellieWishers help to teach younger girls social emotional skills, of how to be caring, kind, and motivated.  They also empower girls to learn about empathy...MORE and respecting others feelings.

    These American Girl episodes and books are designed to help parents teach their children how to make good choices in their path of self-discovery. 

    WellieWishers dolls, which retail for about $60, as well as books can be bought online through AmericanGirl.com or in an American Girl Place retail store location.

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    WellieWishers Chapter Books

    WellieWishers Dolls and Chapter Books
    American Girl

    The WellieWishers dolls are 14 1/2 inches tall. The 5 WellieWishers friends Willa, Kendall, Ashlyn, Emerson and Camilleare are also featured in their own early chapter books, authored by Valerie Tripp. Ms. Tripp, a child psychologist and educator, is a 40 year veteran of writing children's books for readers ages 2-10. 

    These books have beautiful illustrations and the stories model life skills, build character and teach life lessons that help to teach young children confidence and instill core...MORE values of respect.

    The books can be bought through American Girl online and retail for $5.99.

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    WellieWishers Doll Playsets and Accessories

    WellieWishers Dollhouse and Playsets
    American Girl

    WellieWishers toy accessories can also be purchased for girls to use along with their doll to act out pretend play scenes.  There is a wooden dollhouse that includes 30 different pieces to enhance a child's play. Additional garden themed accessories are also available.

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    WellieWishers Episodes

    WellieWishers episodes
    American Girl

    The WellieWishers are the first dolls to have their own short, 11 minute, animated episodes. The episodes will debut in Fall 2016.

    In the past, American Girl has created full-length movies featuring their popular American Girl Doll of the Year Girls, as well as many unique historical stories of girls from the BeForever collection

    The free WellieWishers app is available through play.americangirl.com. The app includes 3 games, Carrot Care, Mud Pie Maker, and Garden Harmony. Players can explore the...MORE friend's interactive garden world. Surprises and other content is unlocked during game play.

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    WellieWishers Dress-Up Opportunities

    WellieWishers Girl Outfits
    American Girl

    Many girls love to dress up in the same outfit as their dolls, whether it is a party dress or a new pair of pajamas. WellieWishers will also have an entire line of dress-like-your-doll clothing that includes pajamas and some adorable mud and puddle stomping wellies! 

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    Meet WellieWisher Willa

    Willa WellieWishers Doll
    American Girl

    Which WellieWishers doll will you choose for your favorite?

    Willa loves animals. She has strawberry blonde hair with long pigtails and hazel eyes. Her garden inspired outfit includes a hedgehog inspired t-shirt and skirt, fabric bunny ears and ladybug wellies!

    Other WellieWishers dolls include Ashlyn, Kendall, Emerson, and Camille.

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    Meet WellieWisher Ashlyn

    Ashlyn WellieWisher Doll
    American Girl

    Ashlyn loves to plan parties and wants to be a princess, but is able to make her friends laugh and smile. She has brown eyes, long brown hair and freckles. She wears a fancy pink shirt, tiered skirt, tiara and glittery Mary-Jane inspired wellies.

    Other Other WellieWishers dolls include Willa, Kendall, Emerson, and Camille.

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    Meet WellieWisher Kendall

    WellieWishers Doll Kendall
    American Girl

    Kendall is an imaginative creator who likes to invent and draw. She has patience and the ability to fix misunderstandings among friends. Kendall has pigtails, brown eyes and curly black hair.  Her outfit is a garden inspired floral print bow, yellow striped shirt, light blue skirt with blue tulle and pink floral wellies!

    Other WellieWishers dolls incude Willa, Ashlyn, Emerson, and Camille.

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    Meet WellieWisher Emerson

    Emerson WellieWishers Doll
    American Girl

    Emerson has a sense of humor and loves to be front and center, as a comedian, dancer and singer. She has dark brown eyes, black hair and curly pigtails. She is wearing a striped top, polka-dot tulle skirt, hair ties and ballerina inspired wellies!

    Other WellieWishers dolls incude Willa, Ashlyn, Kendall,and Camille.

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    Meet WellieWisher Camille

    WellieWisher Camille
    American Girl

    Camille is a great listener who loves the ocean. She has blue eyes, one freckle on one cheek and long blond hair. Camille has a blue glitterly mesh t-shirt, tie dye print skirt, coral starfish clip and ocean inspired Wellies with red fins and smiley fish faces!

    Other WellieWishers dolls incude Willa, Ashlyn, Kendall, and Emerson.

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    WellieWishers In-Store Experiences

    American Girl

    American Girl dolls, books and toys are not only available for purchase online, but they are featured in their own American Girl retail store locations throughout the United States. Special in-store events around the WellieWishers dolls include crafts and photo opportunities. In addition.

    The American Girl Place retail store locations feature all American Girl dolls, Bitty Baby baby dolls and unique experiences that make for great birthday, holiday and special occasion celebrations.