Weston Prago Outdoor Propane Vertical 30-Inch Smoker

Weston Prago Outdoor Propane Vertical 30-Inch Smoker
Weston Prago Outdoor Propane Vertical 30-Inch Smoker. Weston Supply Company

The Bottom Line

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Many in the hardcore barbecue community turn their noses up at gas powered smokers. I believe that isn't because gas is a bad fuel or that gas smokers can't produce good food or even traditional barbecue. The biggest problem is that most gas powered smokers are not very well built. This model from Weston Supply suffers from many of the same problems that most of them do.

A door that doesn't seal tightly and a complete lack of insulation to hold in heat. Add to this a limited adjustment on the gas flow and this model has trouble reaching and holding proper temperatures.


  • Cooking racks are larger than many competing models


  • Limited quality construction
  • Low heat output


  • One 9,000 BTU cast brass burner
  • Three 210 square inch steel wire cooking grates
  • 590 square inches of total cooking area
  • Powder coated steel sheet metal construction
  • Porcelain coated wood chip and water pans
  • Large smoker door
  • Piezoelectric rotary ignition
  • Made in China by Weston Supply

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Guide Review - Weston Prago Outdoor Propane Vertical 30-Inch Smoker

When looking for a good gas smoker find one that allows for access to the water pan and smoker box without opening the smoking chamber. Since most gas smokers are little more than a metal box, opening the smoke chamber door lets all of the smoke and heat out, requiring that to be regenerated.

This can take time when the heat output of the burner is low. This model has only one door and that is the primary reason that I don't recommend it.

While the cooking racks on this one are large enough to easily handle a rack of ribs (unlike some models) the low heat output means that this smoker has to struggle to reach a good smoking temperature on a cold or windy day.

And this is assuming that you are only shooting for temperatures near 200 degrees F/95 degrees C. For this model to reach higher smoking temperatures is going to be very difficult.

The Weston 30-Inch smoker seems more like and afterthought to fill out a product line than a good quality smoker.

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