15 Wet Room Ideas to Inspire You

green tiled wet room

@alinadrugainteriors / Instagram

If you're looking to incorporate a wet room into your home, you'll want to take a look at these 15 remarkable spaces that will have you feeling ready to go all in design-wise. Wet rooms are bathing areas that generally include both a shower and tub. There are no steps or major walls involved in sectioning these spaces off from the rest of the bathroom. Wet rooms provide an excellent opportunity to experiment with a fun tile design—either on the walls or floor—or to go bold with a paint color that speaks to you. Check out a few of our favorites below.

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    Be Classic With Black and White

    sleek wet room

    Design by Emily Henderson / Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

    Black and white are always a winning duo. This wet room is simple and fresh, and the stone flooring adds a layer of dimension.

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    Say Yes to Mega Marble

    wet room with marble

    Design: Olivia Hail / Photo: Elizabeth Brooke

    Say hello to magnificent marble! This incredible finish is not to be missed and makes this wet room appear ultra grand. We just can't get enough.

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    Design a Spa-Like Sanctuary

    wet room with herringbone and marble

    @the_eden_co / Instagram

    This wet room is like a mini sanctuary in which to unwind, thanks to all of the decorative accents in place—there's even a piece of art leaning on the windowsill. After all, why shouldn't bathing or showering be as stylish as possible?

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    Say Hi to Geometric Goodness

    geometric wet room

    @pavlidesstudio / Instagram

    You'll be seeing double when you step foot into this wet room that features a bold, geometric design. The pattern adds a bit of whimsy to this utilitarian space.

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    Showcase Your Love of Subway Tile

    subway tile wet room

    @wildroseinteriorsinc / Instagram

    Subway tile became popular many years ago, but it's still popping up quite often, as we see in this wet room. But if you're not feeling it all over, that's ok. On the floor, octagonal tiles add a bit of contrast.

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    Think Terrazzo

    terazzo wet room

    @essex_road_renovation / Instagram

    Love terrazzo? We're seeing it everywhere these days, so why shouldn't it have a place in the shower? Take a cue from this wet room and incorporate the fun finish into your own design. Terrazzo adds automatic color to any space.

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    Keep It Contemporary

    bright modern wet room

    @butterfieldbathrooms / Instagram

    This contemporary wet room will make you feel like you're ending the day at your favorite luxury hotel, in the best way possible. A light-up mirror adds ambiance to the room, no matter the time of day.

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    Mix and Match if You Wish

    mixed patterns in wet room

    @dickiebertinteriors / Instagram

    Mixing and matching patterns is still majorly in vogue. So if you just can't make up your mind between two types of tiles, you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

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    Choose to Get Loud

    neon green wet room

    @ashfordbathroomcentre / Instagram

    No tile? No problem. Have fun with paint—no really, we mean it. It's not every day you see neon green used in the bathroom, but it surely makes a splash in this vibrant wet room.

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    Don't Forget a Shelf

    green tiled wet room

    @alinadrugainteriors / Instagram

    Go green—this wet room boasts gorgeous green tile that looks lovely with black accents. A built-in shelf serves as a handy spot to set shampoo and the like.

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    Go Big With Lighting

    wet room with chandelier

    Design by Lisa Kooistra / Photo by Mike Chajecki

    A chandelier above the tub? Hey, why not! This wet room has all of the bells and whistles, including hooks inside to house towels, which makes it easy to transition out of the bath and into the shower.

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    Make It Nice and Minimal

    white wet room

    Grey Joyner Interiors

    Minimalists, this is the wet room for you. While it's simple and white, a scalloped and textured bathmat placed right outside warms up the space a bit.

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    Pair Marble and Brass

    marble and brass wet room

    Folding Chair Design / Photo: Jenn Verrier

    Marble and brass are a timeless mix. These materials always look luxe when combined; don't underestimate the impact of upgrading your builder-grade fixtures and subbing in a stunning new shower head.

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    Or Try a Cool Gray

    gray wet room

    Etch Design Group / Photo: Avery Nicole

    This gray wet room is nice and sleek. There are truly so many directions one can take when it comes to tile. No two wet rooms ever really look the same!

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    Slide in a Stool

    large wet room with bench

    Etch Design Group / Photo: Avery Nicole

    If your wet room is large enough, placing a small stool or bench next to the tub is always an excellent option. A wooden piece like this one warms up the space while providing plenty of function: It's a great spot on which to rest a drink or jar of bubble bath!