Review of Beados Beads

Moose Toys Beados Quick Dry Station
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Thinking of buying fuse beads or perler beads? Skip the perler beads and buy Beados beads instead. Beados takes the simple concept of what kids have loved for ages about perler beads, allowing them to fuse beads into creations, but they do not need heat, and are a very safe, and kid-friendly arts and crafts activity.

For decades bead projects have been a go-to arts and crafts activity for children at school and at home.

Perler beads are teeny-tiny little beads with a hollow center that when placed in certain patterns on a mini-pegboard become fused together, once they are exposed to heat from an iron. These beads have given children the ability to create some really unique creations including ornaments and keychains.

However, many are not fans of perler beads specifically, because using an iron to fuse the beads near children can be dangerous. Children can be very unpredictable. One wrong move and a child could be accidentally burned. 

Beados beads are similar but much safer. Colorful cardboard templates included in the kit fit on the back of a small board with divots. Children then use the included tweezers or their fingers to pick up a Beados bead, match the bead to the same color spot on the template, then put it onto the pegboard.

Once the design is finished, instead of using heat, the child sprays the creation 5 times from a water mister spray bottle.

 After allowing the design to dry for 15-20 minutes, the item can be removed from the board and either played with or given away to others as a gift, ornament, or keychain. 

Helpful Hints

1. The Beados beads arrive in small sealed packages, sorted by color. After opening the packages the beads can be placed inside the sorting tray.

 However, the included sorting tray does not have a cover. When the beads were not in use, place the tray inside a plastic Ziploc sandwich container to contain the beads.

2. The tweezer tool has a scoop on the opposite end. Use the scoop to place a few beads in the center of the sorting tray, then have kids use their fingers or the tweezers to place them on the template. 

3. Beados takes a fair amount of patience. The slightest bump with an active child and they will spill all over, requiring the child to start their design over. Some supervision and help may be helpful early on. 

4. The small water bottle can be difficult for young children to fully depress in order to provide a good spray to cover the design. Be mindful of kids while they spray the beads, if they are sprayed too much and become too wet, this will significantly expand the drying time.  

5. Set a timer. 15-20 minutes is not a long time, but it is an eternity for children. Kids will want to sit there and watch the creation dry, and they will not be able to refuse to touch them. Find a place for the creation to dry out of reach and either start on a new Beados project or engage them in another activity during the drying process.

6. The fan, even though it will not harm your child if they bump their hand into it, is not quiet and it can be heard in the background while watching tv.

7. Once Beados beads are dry, consider expanding the creation into a 3-dimensional item by stacking beads on top, then spraying them with water again to fuse them together.  

8. Check out Pinterest, for fun and unique perler bead arts and craft ideas that have included characters from Disney movies like Frozen, Minecraft and My Little Pony. By searching for ideas on websites like Pinterest, you might be surprised with some of the fun and unique templates that you can find to keep kids motivated.

9. Do your kids love Shopkins? Using Beados Beads, kids can now create and design their own Shopkins with these fused beads. For boys who like to design, 3D characters, similar to Minecraft, they may enjoy Qixels.