What Are Onesies®?

Gerber Onesies® Baby Bodysuit

Onesies® is actually a brand name of the one-piece, t-shirt-like baby garment that has snaps at the crotch to keep it from riding up and exposing the baby's tummy. Though many people refer to all of these one-piece outfits as Onesies®, only the Gerber company actually owns the rights to that name.

ONESIES® is a registered trademark of Gerber Childrenswear LLC.

One-pieces and Onesies® are also called bodysuits.

The term is most often used to describe a short-sleeved bodysuit that does not cover the baby's legs, but it also can refer to versions with long sleeves and long legs. Onesies® can be used as a complete outfit, as a t-shirt, or as an undergarment. Onesies® and one-piece bodysuits range in style from simple, white, undergarment versions to colorful, patterned and embroidered types.

A simple short-sleeve bodysuit is perfect as an undergarment for baby. The relatively thin material layers easily underneath other outfits. If the outfit on top is two pieces, the bodysuit keeps baby's tummy covered even through wiggling or crawling. The extra layer also keeps elastic waistbands or other potentially itchy or annoying clothing pieces away from baby's skin. These Onesies® basic bodysuits (Buy on Amazon) are often used as a base layer for other clothes.

In the fall or winter, a long-sleeve bodysuit can provide another layer of warmth for baby without adding too much bulk that might interfere with car seat safety or hinder baby's movement.

Babies who are learning to roll, crawl, or walk need to be able to flex and move their bodies freely. They typically only need one extra layer of clothing beyond what an adult might wear for the same weather, so a bodysuit is a great option underneath baby's regular clothing.

Of course, some bodysuits are designed to be worn like a t-shirt along with a coordinating pair of pants.

Others are a complete outfit on their own. These styles could also be layered with another plain bodysuit underneath.

Many parents-to-be add Onesies®, other bodysuits, and simple one-piece outfits to their baby gift registry. After all, these basic pieces are often a staple of a newborn layette of basic baby items. A minimum of 5 to 8 bodysuits is a good start if they'll be baby's primary wardrobe for the first few weeks. Keep in mind that newborns can get pretty messy between spit-up and diaper blow-outs. Having a few spare bodysuits will reduce the number of loads of laundry you'll need to wash each week!

While it's good to have enough of these simple outfits to keep laundry to a minimum, babies sometimes grow way faster than you may anticipate. That means you shouldn't stock up on dozens of bodysuits in a newborn size, since they may be outgrown before they're worn very much.

As your baby grows into a toddler, it's still a good idea to keep a bodysuit tucked into your diaper bag. You never know when a bathroom accident or super-messy meal will require a total wardrobe change. This type of one-piece outfit is just right for fast changes on the go.