Rabbit-Resistant Flowers and Plants

Rabbit-resistant plants keep bunnies at bay

Bluebell flowers with light purple flowers in garden

The Spruce / Leticia Almeida

Rabbit damage is a real problem, yet many people lack either the time or inclination to drive the pests away with repellents, keep them at arm's length with a chicken-wire fence, or relocate them after a successful capture using a Havahart live trap. If it's true that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, you may want to consider overhauling your backyard landscape and planting a variety of rabbit-resistant plants.

The bonus is that most of them are also deer-resistant plants, offering you double the protection from common pests. The drawback is that some of these flowers are poisonous plants so it's important to exercise caution in growing them around children and/or pets.

Generally speaking, these are the qualities in flowers and foliage that deter rabbits:

  • Leaves that are jagged, prickly, or spiky, like yucca
  • Flowers that are toxic, like Lenten rose or foxglove
  • Leaves and flowers with strong smells, particularly mint, lavender, and yarrow
  • Leaves that are fuzzy or leathery
  • Plants with stems that are sappy

Rabbits, like humans, have different tastes in food. The flowers listed below are avoided by most rabbits, but your mileage may vary.

Shrubs and Sub-Shrubs 


Bulb Plants



Vines and/or Ground Covers

Foliage Plants

While the above-mentioned Vinca minor does put out a blue flower in spring, many people grow it more for its shiny green leaves. For those who do not mind growing a plant that puts on more impressive foliage than flowering display, the following plants may be of interest: