What Are The Best Toddler Toys?

12 months to 35 months

Toddlers are kids over the age of 1, but under the age of 3. Finding the best toys for toddlers is not always easy! Unlike older preschoolers, toddlers are not yet coming home from school asking for a specific toy. While they certainly have interests in their favorite characters like Elmo or Mickey Mouse, toddlers are learning many new skills every day. They can talk in simple phrases and sentences. Toddlers might enjoy running, climbing and hopping on and off ride-on toys. Toddlers are also...MORE improving their attention span. They start to use use their hands by building blocks, pushing cars, and completing puzzles. The best toys for toddlers are fun and educational toys that challenge their motor skills, minds and hands at the same time. 

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    Tiny baby sized kitchens and even a food trucks that transform into kitchens are perfect for toddlers! Toddlers like to put items in and out of containers, and are also beginning to use their pretend play skills to serve parents and their dolls.

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    Toddlers generally like common themes like zoo animals, farms, dollhouses, parking garages, airports and even princess castles. The Go Go Smart Wheels sets are track based play sets with Smartpoints. When the vehicles or animals drive or move over special areas on the tracks, the toy will speak different words, sounds, phrases, letters and even sing songs.


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    This happy toy for toddlers gets kids moving, dancing, and clapping. After pushing a button, kids or their parents can record a phrase that Beatbo will remix into a special song.


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    One of the characters that toddlers love the most is Elmo. They love to hug, kiss, dance and sing with Elmo. Love2Learn Elmo is customizable through an app, where parents can program their child's name and favorite things like animals and foods. Kids can play games with Elmo Elmo interacts with kids while playing and will even encourage them to learn skills like cleaning up toys and brushing their teeth.

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    Little People toys and sets are toddler fan favorites, and they have been for many years. Little People playsets include zoos, vehicles, dollhouses, Disney princess castles, farms and holiday sets. They include chunky people that are easy for little hands to hold and put in and out of toys. They are also large enough for toddlers to play with, but not small enough for them to be a safety concern for choking.

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    Toddlers like to stack and build with blocks. LEGO Duplo sets allow them to use their imagination to blocks together to make playsets and toys. 

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    Toddlers are also beginning to play with puzzles. They use trial and error to take pieces and try to position them correctly in the right place. Wooden form board puzzles are generally the best for toddlers.  

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    Toddlers love to imitate, which means they like to watch people and copy what they are doing. They enjoy imitating their parents and caregivers by hugging, kissing and feeding baby dolls. Toddler baby dolls have soft bodies and are generally lightweight and easy for kids to carry.

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    Toddlers love trains. They enjoy placing them on the tracks and pushing them forward and backward. Toddlers often do best with fixed track systems that stay together. Tracks that come apart can be often frustrating for younger children. Trains for toddlers should also have large pieces that are not to small for them to be a choking hazard.

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    Large cars and trucks are fun for  kids to push around their home or yard. They also enjoy filling up trucks, like dump trucks, with blocks and other toys, too.

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    Toddlers love to dance and move. By jumping on this musical mat, they can play their own songs and learn about numbers, too.  

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    Books and promoting the love of reading is very important for babies and toddlers for their long-term learning. Using the LeapReader junior toy, kids place the toy on the words in the book to hear the story. They will also learn new vocabulary words by placing the toy on different pictures in the book. 

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    Parents of toddlers know they always need to pack extra toys for vacations and family parties during the holidays in order to keep them happily entertained. These Playskool infant toys include shape sorters, vehicles and stacking cups, which easily collapse and are stored in a diaper bag for fun on-the-go.

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    Toddlers love to push buttons and put toys in and out of containers. This singing oven helps toddlers begin to use their play skills to pretend to cook and bake. It also includes over 30 different phrases which can promote learning skills for counting.  


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    Blocks are great for children of all ages. Toddlers love stacking them on top of one another, then crashing towers over with their hands, and even their feet. Teaching a child to clean-up their toys happens in toddlerhood, tool. This wagon not only gives kids a space to build but parents will be happy watching them pick up their own toys by rolling the wagon over the blocks. 

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    Looking for toys to keep your toddler seated and entertained in the tub? The Tubby Table adheres to the bottom of the tub with a large suction cup and during their nightly bath kids can learn about colors and matching shapes. 

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    Aside from walking toys, bikes and ride-on toys are a great option for toddlers. Ride-on toys that are best for toddlers allow them to use their feet to move forward and backward, but they do not have pedals.  Toddlers can stand behind the YBike and push it forward, or sit on it and ride, zooming around on 4 quiet caster wheels that allow them to spin and take corners easily. 

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    Whether you chose a classic Mr. Potato Head, Darth Tater, or Luke Frywalker, toddlers love learning about body parts while they use their hands to position body parts into this popular potato.