What Color Curtains Go With Gray Walls?

curtains and gray walls

Heacox Creative Co. for Roz Murphy

Let's face it: Selecting the right curtains for a space can be difficult, particularly if you're dealing with a room that's painted in a hue other than white. What colors should you be looking toward when it comes to hanging up curtains in a room that features gray walls?

If you're feeling a bit stumped in this scenario, we're here to help. We spoke with designers from across the country who weighed in regarding the directions one can go when determining what color curtains go with gray walls. As it turns out, there are actually a number of possibilities—truly, there's a solution for everyone, whether you love neutrals through and through or are always looking for ways to add pizzazz into your interiors. Keep reading to gather these experts' top tips.

Meet the Expert

White or Black

These unfussy hues are classic for a reason and are great to pair with the color gray, designer Anna Franklin notes. "To keep the rest of the space neutral, incorporate a white or cream curtain, or go dark with black," she advises.

Alternatively, choose a curtain that features a combination of both of these colors. Designer Kellie Burke included black and white striped curtains in one of her projects, as seen here.

curtains and gray walls

Kellie Burke

Deep Hues

Not feeling the neutrals? Franklin shares a few alternative routes you can take. "If you prefer to add color to the space, opt for cool colors in a deeper hue, rather than lighter," she says. "For example, a deep navy goes well with a cool-toned gray; or if your gray has warm undertones, try a hunter green that will add a touch of earth tones to the neutral gray walls."

Whether you opt for a soft, luxurious velvet, cool, laid back linen, or something else entirely is up to you.

curtains and gray walls

Reagan Taylor Photography for JL Design


As a whole, paying close attention to the undertones present in the gray paint on your walls is key, designer Christina Garcia-Lysaught echoes. "Depending on the shade of gray, select a color on the opposite side of the color wheel for it to really stand out," she comments. "For instance, if the gray is warm and has a purple undertone, the opposite color would be yellow. If the gray is cool and has blue as an undertone, the opposite color would be orange." At the end of the day, though, there's not much room for error when it comes to gray, Garcia-Lysaught adds. "Luckily, gray goes with all colors, so in the end, go with something you love and what makes you happy!"


By no means do you need to stick to a solid colored curtain if you crave a little more pep. "I happen to love linen curtains in neutral tones in nearly every space, but in this gray bedroom we chose to use linen curtains with charcoal-gray stripes for added dimension," designer Lauren Sullivan shares. "The subtle striped pattern helps soften the transition between curtain and wall and also relates back to the additional dark tones within the space."

Patterns certainly don't need to be understated, though, if you're feeling a bit bold. Polka dots, thick stripes, geometric shapes, and other playful prints are certainly welcome if you crave a bit of cheer and whimsy.

gray walls and curtains

Caroline Sharpnack for Lauren Sullivan

Another Shade of Gray

Why not go tone on tone? There is nothing wrong with opting for a matching look if you're really digging a particular color. "In a neutral gray room with gray walls, I like to match the tone of the gray and go one shade lighter for a tonal effect," designer Larisa Barton says. "This also adds a nice warm layering in lieu of using color." And don't worry about a gray on gray look appearing too plain—it can actually introduce some major oomph to a room, according to designer Roz Murphy. She comments, "Adding a matching gray fabric with the walls can create a sense of cohesiveness or drama."