What Colors Go With Blue? 10 Combinations to Try

blue and walnut furniture

Louis Duncan-He

Many people will tell you that blue is their favorite color and are eager to incorporate it into their home. Blue isn't seen as being too "out there" but generally isn't viewed as boring either. Blue also complements a range of styles: coastal, eclectic, traditional, grandmillennial, and much more.

That said, determining what other shades go best with blue may be difficult. Should you lean bold and vibrant, or opt for something a bit more subdued? Perhaps there are often overlooked colors that would actually pair wonderfully with blue.

To help you out, we've rounded up 10 fabulous shades that all look excellent with the color blue, no matter the design direction you wish to take in your home.

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    Blue and White

    blue and white living room

    Erin Williamson Design

    Blue and white always make for a classic color combination. While we often see grandmillennial spaces that feature these two hues, you can successfully incorporate them into a more modern room too. Here, blue and white shine in a high rise apartment with expansive windows and contemporary furnishings.

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    Blue and Walnut

    blue and walnut furniture

    Louis Duncan-He

    If you love mid-century modern style, you've likely amassed a large collection of walnut furniture pieces. And as luck would have it, blue and walnut complement each other quite well. Here, blue walls and curtains (and some coordinating art) look right at home beside stylish wooden furniture. Plants and other colorful accents help to brighten up the space.

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    Blue and Black

    blue and black living room

    Mary Patton Design

    If you're looking to zhuzh up your fireplace, consider painting it a bold color that speaks to you. Here, a blue fireplace really pops in this living room. It looks beautiful alongside black accent pieces, including a chair, a piece of wall art, and a black and white rug.

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    Blue and Pink

    blue and pink living room

    Jennifer Hunter Design

    Blue and pink always bring a lot of cheer to a room. This peppy Palm Beach living room is full of energy and doesn't take itself too seriously. The scalloped pink coffee table plays off of the scallops on the back of the sofa, fusing the room together wonderfully.

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    Blue and Gray

    blue and gray bedroom

    Victoria Bell Design

    Blue and gray make for an excellent bedroom combination, given that the color pairing is soothing and timeless. If you have lots of dark gray pieces, pair them with a deeper blue, as seen above. Lighter gray can be integrated alongside softer blue hues.

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    Blue and Coral

    blue living room with coral

    Studio Peake

    For a maximalist and eclectic look, try weaving both blue and coral into your space. Coral pieces add a lively touch to this living room without being overpowering. Starting small with throw blankets and pillows, some art, or just one piece of accent seating can be a great way to warm yourself up to this color combo.

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    Blue and Yellow

    blue and yellow bedroom design

    Studio Peake

    Blue and yellow is a color pairing that we often see in nurseries and children's rooms, but it can be utilized in other areas of the home. Try it in a bathroom, kitchen, or even a home office. Many people shy away from yellow, but using it in small doses is a bit more approachable for some. Here, yellow matting pops against black and white art in this bedroom space.

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    Blue and Green

    blue and green bathroom

    Studio Peake

    Blue and green are often paired together, and there are so many different shades of each color that look nice side by side. If your style leans coastal, blue and green spaces will fit into your home perfectly. This bathroom is ultra soothing and spa-like thanks to the inclusion of these soft hues.

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    Blue and Red

    blue and red bedroom

    House Nine Design

    Blue and red isn't a combination that we see all of the time, but it really shines when executed well. This bedroom is now full of life and personality thanks to the inclusion of a bold red headboard, some art, and a stunning blue wall.

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    Blue and Gold

    blue and gold mantel

    Whittney Parkinson Design

    Blue and gold will always look elegant and sophisticated. Pair blue kitchen cabinets with brass hardware, hang a gold sconce on your blue bedroom wall, or jazz up a blue mantel with lots of gold accessories, like we see here. Either way, you truly can't go wrong. It's easy to source gold and brass accents at vintage stores if you crave a piece with a bit of patina.