What Color Hardware Goes With White Kitchen Cabinets?

white kitchen cabinets

Design: Evelyn Pierce / Photo: Stylish Productions

The right hardware has the power to majorly transform any space, whether you're thinking about sprucing up your kitchen drawers, a living room chest, or a nightstand. In the kitchen specifically, it can be difficult to narrow down a hardware color and style that best suits your space, given that you'll need to purchase a large number of pulls and handles. And white cabinets, which are quite popular in today's kitchens, mean that there is a world of hardware options to choose from. If you're searching for a design to complement your white kitchen but aren't sure what style to select, designers are here to help.

For starters, though, keep in mind that not all white kitchens are the same. "When selecting cabinet hardware for white kitchens, keep in mind the tone of the white of the cabinets and room,"  urges Miriam Dillon of BarnesVanze. For warmer-toned cabinets, Dillon is partial to polished nickel or antique brass hardware, but she gravitates toward polished chrome, brushed chrome, and black hardware for cabinets that are cooler in tone.

Additionally, it's important to establish a sense of your preferred design aesthetic before beginning the shopping process. "For instance, if the home is a mid-century modern, we might go with a minimalist satin brass hardware," explains Olivia Wahler of Hearth Homes Interiors. "If it has more of a coastal vibe, we'll consider polished nickel hardware, and if it's a rustic farmhouse or french-countryside classic, we'd typically lean more towards an antique brass or bronze."

Last but not least, don't be shy about mixing and matching metals in your kitchen, no matter what shade you choose. "Not all of the metals have to be the exact finish; however, they should complement each other and come from the same tonal family," Dillon comments. "For example, if you have stainless steel appliances, I may suggest you add brushed brass hardware to the cabinets."

Below, designers elaborate on five hardware colors that would look wonderful in a white kitchen.

brass hardware on white cabinets



Don't underestimate the power of black hardware. "Black and white is a classic and timeless combination, so black hardware in a white kitchen will never go out of style," says Laura Roberts of Laura Roberts Interiors. "Black hardware also blends seamlessly with other metal finishes, like stainless appliances or brass plumbing." Best of all, black will shine no matter your design aesthetic. "The contrast of black against white can appear very sleek and modern as well as more traditional, making it a very versatile choice," Roberts adds. Seth Ballard of Ballard + Mensua Architecture also appreciates deeper tones. "Depending on other accents within the room and what else is contrasting—floor, backsplash, counters—with less contrast on counters, I do prefer darker hardware," he says. "It helps to bring in more contrast and add some pop so that the kitchen is not too sterile."

white cabinets with black hardware

Design: Bruce Fox / Image: Kendall McCaugherty

Unlacquered Brass

Bring on the brass! "Unlacquered brass pairs beautifully with white kitchen cabinets and most styles," says Molly Torres Portnof of DATE Interiors. Note that you will see some variation in the material as time goes on. "Unlacquered brass is unique because it patinas over time, causing it to age beautifully," Portnof explains.

Polished Nickel

More of a silver person? Try polished nickel. "It's classic and never goes out of style," notes Andi Morse of Morse Design. "I don't feel it's a trending finish. It lasts the test of time."

Honey Bronze

Love an antique-style feel? This may be the pick for you. "We love the warmth of using honey bronze hardware with white cabinets, especially with natural stone countertops," says Susan Sutter of Susan Sutter Interiors. "The contrast of the warm metal with the cooler white cabinets gives off a more vintage feel as compared to when it's paired with a cooler chrome finish hardware."

honey colored bronze hardware

Design: Susan Sutter Interiors / Photo: Mary Pat Collins

Something Colorful

Feel like thinking outside the box? Opt for a colorful hardware style. "There are amazing new and vintage porcelain, ceramic, and glass options that add that perfect pop of color," says Samantha Blake of Samantha Blake Designs. "I personally love a pop of pink if I want that touch of whimsy or green for some drama."