What Color Paint Goes with Brown Granite?

granite in kitchen

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We think about paint colors often when it comes to tackling spaces like the living room and bedroom, but paint is a critical component of the kitchen, too. And if you have a kitchen that features brown granite countertops, you may be wondering exactly what paint color pairs best with this finish. Do you go dark, light, or opt for a tone-on-tone solution?

Well, it turns out that interior designers have a range of views when it comes to picking a color to go with brown granite. We spoke with several pros who weighed in on the many different routes one can go when it comes to paint—read on for their input.

Meet the Expert

Dark, Moody Shades

Now is not the time to shy away from the color black if you feel like adding a bit of a moody touch to your space. Designer Mary Patton advises pairing brown granite with black paint. "Sherwin-Williams Tricorn Black is a good option," she says.

That said, you may wish to incorporate a bit of brightness into your space, too, for equal measure. When it comes to the floors, feel free to add some brighter hues. "Incorporate a light-colored rug to lighten up the space," Patton suggests.

Classic White

On the other end of the spectrum, some designers enjoy using white paint in this scenario.

"Brown granite can work as a beautiful neutral if accented appropriately," designer Amy Leferink says. "Think about using creamy whites as your paint color to bring out the warmth in the granite. Also, play into the granite by picking up colors in the veining. Integrating the color into your backsplash is a very easy way to make a seamless color palette come to life." 

Designer Maria Kutruff agrees. "I like to create lots of contrast when working with brown granite," she notes. "The bright white paint on the cabinetry sets a clean visual stage for the countertop and the backsplash, while the black paint on the island pops against the brown granite," she says of the room shown here.

granite kitchens

Photographic Design for Suzan Wemlinger

Opt for Taupe

Not looking to have your granite stand out? In this case, designer Ashley Hanley suggests going with a taupe paint color, "which helps blend in the appearance," she says.

She even has a go-to taupe color in mind. "For this project, we paired the statement brown granite that the clients selected with Benjamin Moore Greenbrier Beige," Hanley says of the following space. "It helps give an overall softer look to the kitchen."

granite kitchen

Kip Dawkins for Ashley Hanley

Pick Neutrals

In a similar vein, designer Suzan Wemlinger is all about pairing neutral paint colors alongside granite countertops.

"Two Sherwin Williams paint colors come to mind that work with these natural stones: Sherwin Williams Origami White, a white that works as a creamy neutral, and Sherwin Williams Big Chill, which is a soft gray," she shares.

Looking to take slightly more risk? "For deeper, dramatic walls, Sherwin Williams Grizzle Gray works quite well," Wemlinger adds. "This deep charcoal will modernize your room without changing the existing brown patterned countertops."

granite in kitchen

Viola Interior Design

Go Brown on Brown

"Try going monochromatic, much like the all-white Instagram rooms we are used to seeing, except with brown," designer Lance Thomas says. "Think coppers, caramels, walnuts, and stone. Layered textures, colors, sheens, and patterned browns can exceed your wildest expectations."

In general, Thomas says, brown can most definitely be seen as a neutral if utilized the right way.

"People are realizing that gray isn't the only neutral that can be used to ground a space," he explains. "I think brown as a neutral can provide comfort and humble confidence to a room. It warms up the room without screaming for attention—brown is the new gray."

Thomas adds that his clients often love that brown is safe without being boring. "Brown gives the rest of the space legitimacy—the color literally works with everything and is so multifaceted," he says..