Well-Known Celebrity Collections

What Stars Are Collectors?

It's always fun to see what we have in common with our favorite celebrities. Do any of these familiar names have collections in common with yours? Read more to find out, and click on the links to learn more about each type of collectible. 

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    Bakelite Jewelry

    Bakelite Bulldog Pin
    Bakelite Bulldog Pin. - Morphy Auctions

    Both Whoopi Goldberg and Lily Tomlin are reported to collect Bakelite jewelry. Tomlin wore lots of this fun vintage plastic in her recurring role on The West Wing. This is a topic I relish covering on the site, since I've been known to pick up a piece of Bakelite for my own vintage collection from time to time. I also cover ways to test Bakelite for authenticity on the site, a popular and useful feature for those interested in learning more about vintage Bakelite and how to tell the...MORE difference between old pieces and new imitations.

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    Movie Memorabilia


    Both actress Debbie Reynolds and critc Leonard Maltin are collectors of movie memorabilia. Given their association with the industry, choosing movie collectibles as a hobby doesn't seem too surprising and it's a hobby many non-celebrity collectors enjoy as well. Read more about an avid collector of It's a Wonderful Life memorabilia through the related links below.

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    Antique & Collectible Dolls

    Antique Morning Glory Lady China Head Doll
    Antique Morning Glory Lady China Head Doll. - Morphy Auctions

    The list of celebrities who collect vintage and antique dolls doesn't come up short: Demi Moore, Morgan Fairchild, Marie Osmond and Richard Simmons. Even singer Courtney Love is rumored to collect Mattel's Liddle Kiddles dolls from the 1960s. Osmond also designs and sells her own line of dolls, while Moore enjoys adding dolls to her collection while traveling around the globe. With the vast variety of dolls available, from rag dolls to bride dolls, it's no wonder why so many...MORE celebrities are enamored with them.

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    Board Games

    Milton Bradley Tiger Tom Game - Ca. Early 1900s. - Morphy Auctions

    It's been noted that writer/director/actor Quentin Tarantino enjoys playing and collecting games. His specific interest seems to be board games, in fact. Other celebrities who fancy vintage board games haven't seemed to surface yet, but with the vast selection available - from Victorian themes with colorful lithographed boxes to those reminiscent of 1960s television shows - there are bound to be more high profile fans out there.

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    Roseville Pottery

    Roseville Baneda Vase
    Roseville Baneda Vase. - Morphy Auctions

    It really is Back to the Future for Roseville pottery collector Lea Thompson who uses some of her collection to decorate her bathroom. Thompson's in good company with Designing Women star Jean Smart who also collects this beautiful and popular pottery. Smart was noted in one interview remarking about how much prices for Roseville have increased since she first began collecting. She's no doubt wise to the many Roseville reproductions on the secondary market as well.

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    Vintage Typewriters

    Animal Keyboard Typewriter
    Corona Animal Keyboard Typewriter. -Pamela Wiggins

    While you don't usually associate Tom Hanks with communicating through the written word, it's true that he's a bona fide vintage typewriter collector. A Country Living online article notes that he keeps one by the phone to jot off notes to friends. Hanks also laments that he often spends $45 on a pre-World War II typing machine only to invest three times that much getting it in working order. Say "amen" if you know of what he speaks.

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    Old Photographs

    If you have a collection of old photographs, you're in good company with actress Jamie Lee Curtis. Being an amateur photographer herself, Curtis has a penchant for black & while photos. She's also tried to collect work of some of the master contemporary photographers. Curtis more than likely knows her fair share about proper photo preservation and care, a topic good to brush up on before starting a photography collection.

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    Vintage Clothing & Accessories

    Beaded 1970s Evening Purse by Pierre Cardin Paris
    1970s Pierre Cardin Paris Evening Purse. - Jay B. Siegel

    Lots of stars know that vintage clothing and accessories can enhance a sense of personal style, or perhaps their stylists are responsible for all the vintage dresses showing up on red carpets. One way or another, certain stars are known to collect vintage clothing, purses and other accessories including Lea Thompson and Demi Moore. It's also noted in Karl's book that Celine Dion collects shoes. Her collection seems to lean toward newer shoes, but she collects them nonetheless.