What Your Home Decor Says About Your Mothering Style

boho mom and child

Lexia Frank / Stocksy

There is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ mama. And there is no such thing as a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to parent. Regardless of where you fall on the parenting spectrum, how you raise your children is uniquely your (and your family’s) experiences, preferences, and choices.

But whether you realize it or not, how you parent directly impacts so many areas of your life. Here is what your home décor says about who you are as a mom.

Mid-Century Modern

As a mama, you prioritize what is simple and functional. Like the Mid-Century Modern style, you’re a ‘no-fuss’ type of person who thinks that what is most important is spending quality time with family (without all the frills).

Your home—just like the way you parent—is slightly modern and edgy but doesn’t closely follow trends. You like to create your own views and perspectives on how motherhood ‘should be’ and tend to keep yourself uncluttered and unbothered by the opinions of others.


When it comes to parenting, you’re someone who likes to experiment with the latest and greatest options, resources, and ideas. You typically have your nose in a book or can be found scouring online forums to learn more about parenting and how you can be the best for your children.

Your Contemporary style preferences—everything from natural light and an open floor plan, to large windows and minimal décor—speaks volumes about who you are as a mother. You value openness and interconnections over anything else. You have a pure, selfless heart and your family feels welcomed, just as they are, whenever they are in your presence.


A self-proclaimed ‘nature mama,’ you love everything outdoors and this is apparent in how you have designed every inch of your home. Your walls and shelves are decorated with plants and you can often be found explaining or teaching your kiddos about the weather or the circle of life.

You’re the type of mom who loves to get her hands dirty and has always encouraged her children to do the same. What your home décor says about your mothering style is that you are tethered to the world. Camping, hiking, fishing, planting, and experiencing nature is an utmost priority—for both you and your kids.


You recognize that motherhood, at the core, is relatively simple: show up and love. Although you have sometimes struggled with emotion and speaking from the heart in moments of conflict or change, you recognize that your strong suit is less about communication and more about presence.

Just as your Minimalist preferences make subtle, yet powerful statements in your home, your quiet yet impactful presence helps your children know that, whatever storms they face, you will stand beside them. To you, mothering is less about getting everything ‘right’ and more about simply being there.


You are a modern mama, striving to find and create a balance between work, play, and parenting duties. What your Modern home décor says about your mothering style is that you are continually ebbing and flowing with the changes in life.

You value being a mother who provides, even if that means you have to do a delicate dance between your career and being physically present for your children. To you, motherhood is not just about loving on your kids; it’s also about being the best and most well-rounded parent you can be—which means learning how to create boundaries and following your heart.