What Is a Chair and a Half?

How and Where to Use This Upholstered Furniture

Inspiration Chair
Inspiration Chair. American Leather

"Chair and a half" is simply a clumsy and cumbersome name for an extremely comfortable piece of furniture. It can be defined as an over-sized chair that is wider than a standard chair, but narrower than a love seat.

Who Uses a Chair and a Half?

This piece of furniture is either absolutely adored or absolutely hated, and surprisingly both these emotions are aroused by the same feature: it's wider and deeper than a usual seat. Whether you love it or hate it entirely depends on your own personal style of sitting.

If you are someone who likes to sit upright in a chair with your feet firmly planted on the ground, most likely you will not be a fan. However, if you prefer to pull your legs up when you sit, lean back into the pillows or like to curl up in your seat, then this may end up being your favorite piece of furniture.

A reclining chair and a half is sometimes used by those who find it difficult to lie down or sleep in a conventional bed for health reasons. It allows the user to adjust their position to their liking while also providing more room than a regular reclining chair.

Where to Use a Chair and a Half

So where would you use this piece of furniture? Looking around your home, you will see that many spaces call for a chair and a half.

  • You may not initially think so, but a small room is the perfect fit for this large chair. In a room where floor space is at a premium, a love seat may take up too much valuable space. A chair and a half can be used in its stead.
  • One of the more obvious places for a chair and a half is a family room. Since this is a chair you associate with relaxing, you can use it to create a cozy corner for curling up with a book or another special person or pet.
  • Use a reclining chair and a half for watching TV, reading or even taking a nap.
  • A bedroom or a guestroom is another good spot for a chair and a half. In the guest room, you can find one to do double duty as a sleeper.

Chair and a Half Styles

An over-sized chair does not necessarily mean it has to be overstuffed. As with any chair, it comes in a wide variety of styles, and even sizes, and there is no one single style or size.

  • The Inspiration Chair by American Leather shown in the picture on this page is very sleek, angular, and equipped with metal legs. This chair would be at home in a modern and uncluttered setting. However, you can just as easily find more traditional or transitional chairs with more curves, pillows, or even an overstuffed look. You can also find different styles, materials, and treatments for legs.
  • Chair backs come in different styles as well. You can just as easily find a chair and a half in tight back as with loose cushions.
  • A chair and a half comes in a wide variety of arm styles, and it can even be armless. These armless chairs are especially suitable for smaller spaces. An armless chair and a half also makes it easy to get in and out of the chair, as that is one of the complaints leveled against it. If you are looking for comfort, find one with contemporary or traditionally shaped arms.
  • As with any other chair or upholstered furniture, you will be able to find a chair and a half in a variety of fabric and leather coverings.

    Chair and a Half Types

    While a chair and a half can serve as seating alone, you can find other types that serve different functions.

    • Sleepers don't have to be large sofas. You can also find chair and a half sleepers that can function as twin-size sofa beds. This type comes in handy in smaller homes when you cannot spare an extra room for guests.
    • A reclining chair and a half works well in a family or media room for taking a brief nap or watching a movie in a more relaxed position.
    • A glider chair and a half is great for children's rooms. It can easily accommodate more than one child for cuddling up with a parent for story time, or just some time together.
    • Pair a chair and a half with an over-sized ottoman, because you are likely to find matching ottomans. This pairing not only provides the opportunity to stretch out in comfort, but also an additional feature: precious storage room inside the ottoman.