Drone Basics and Why You Might Want One

quadcopter drone
Wallet Drone

As technology advances, items have the ability to be produced in smaller profiles and work at faster speeds with higher resolution screens and footage. These modern day advancements widen the capabilities of devices, not only allowing them to be utilized for commercial purposes within governments and business sectors, but companies can also find new and innovative ways to integrate cameras and technology into toys that are fun, functional and affordable for consumers.

In our social society, there is a noticeable increase in how children use cameras to take footage, whether it be on-the-go through an Action Cam, that can be attached to a bicycle or skateboard, or integrated into a remote control vehicle. 

I have been most familiar with the use of drones by the military as pilotless vehicles that can take footage for intelligence, some of which have the ability to cause destruction. However, I was noticing a trend in the toy aisles that companies have been marketing toys as drones. I started wondering, what is the difference between a remote controlled vehicle and a drone?

By Google's definition, a drone "is a remote-controlled, pilotless aircraft or missile.“

By Wikipedia's definition, a remote controlled vehicle is “any vehicle that is remotely controlled by a means that does not restricts its motion with an origin external to the device. This is often a radio control device, cable between control and vehicle, or with an infrared controller.”

In the past, the majority of what we have noticed in the toy aisle are remote controlled vehicles. Any number of items that use a remote control, whether it be tethered by a cord, or using an infrared camera, generally items that include boats, cars, trucks, dune buggy’s, monster trucks, robots, emergency vehicles, motorcycles, and construction vehicles.

Drones can include flying toys that fall into the flying category, especially if they also include the ability to take real-time video footage that is streamed to a device such s a smartphone or tablet through wifi. These toys range in cost and complexity from beginners to advanced. However, they appear a lot to older children who may enjoy gathering "intelligence." Either way, they are gaining traction and popularity, because the Wallet drone, a wallet sized drone and controller, surpassing their 11,894 funding goal in 48 hours, ultimately raising almost $70,000. 

Either way, in the age of super-cool STEM toys and robotics toys, no matter what they are specifically called, there are some really amazing technologically advanced toys for kids and adults.