What is A Feng Shui Annual Star?

feng shui annual star
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In feng shui, the term annual star is used for the annual movement of energies according to the classical feng shui school called flying stars (Xuan Kong). Basically, it's a way of keeping track of the good and the bad feng shui energies (called stars) every new year.

The Nine Feng Shui Annual Stars

There are 9 feng shui annual stars, five beneficial (1 Water, 4 Wood, 6 Metal, 8 Earth, 9 Fire) and 4 challenging (5 Yellow, 7 Metal, 2 Black, 3 Wood). The annual stars change their location every year, thus the name annual flying stars.

The 9 numbers of the Lo Shu Square are the nine feng shui stars in the feng shui flying stars school. The stars/numbers always move in a specific pattern on which the annual (and monthly) calculations of the flying star school of feng shui are based upon.

Fun Fact

The movement of annual stars is based on the ancient wisdom of the Lo Shu Square, also called the Magic Square, as determined by feng shui masters many thousands of years ago.

Each feng shui annual star is expressed as a certain quality of energy (ie. Star of Wealth, or Star of Romance).

Each annual star is also expressed in a specific feng shui element (i.e. Metal or Wood), as well as the energy of a specific number.

Also Known As: Xuan Kong

Examples: The star #4 — so-called Star of Romance and Education — is a beneficial feng shui star of Wood element. When this star visits any Bagua area, you want to support its element by bringing a Water element cure as Water feeds the Wood in the five feng shui elements productive cycle.