What is a Feng Shui Kua Number?

Find out your feng shui kua number and use it in various feng shui solutions

feng shui kua number
Your feng shui Kua number allows you to make good choices in choosing (or creating) a good feng shui home or office. You will know what are your best, or lucky directions to face at work or at home, as well as in the bedroom, etc. Hans Neleman/Getty Images

Different people have different energy needs, we all know that. This is especially acknowledged and paid attention to in feng shui, the ancient art and science of creating harmonious and healthy spaces.

In feng shui, all details -- from the specific location of various decor items to their colours and shapes -- are carefully selected and placed in one's home or work environment.

According to one of the feng shui schools called the flying stars school, the energy of most people can be divided into two feng shui groups: the East group and the West group.

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You will be either a West or an East group person according to your feng shui Kua number. You can easily find out your Kua number and your feng shui group, which will give you a better understanding of what makes good feng shui design for your home or office. This info also includes your lucky feng shui directions to face while working or sleeping.

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The East Group Kua numbers are 1, 3, 4, 9.

The West Group Kua numbers are 2, 5, 6, 7, 8.

For example, my Kua number is 1, which makes me an East feng shui group person with the best facing directions of Southeast, East, South, and North. Lucky for me, my closest people are of the East feng shui group, too, so it is easy to adjust my environment to work the best way.

Now, what do you do if you and your loved one(s) are in different groups? Is there a common ground to be found? Yes, of course.

What you will have to focus on is the balancing the needs of each group's person. For example, if your bed is facing the best direction only for one person, then make an effort to create the seating in the living room -- if you spend a lot of time there -- so that the other person can face his or her best directions this way.

 Basically, the idea is to find creative solutions so that you and your loved ones can draw on the best quality of feng shui energy throughout the day.

However, let me emphasize that applying feng shui flying star school should become more of a focus once you are sure you have dealt with the clutter and have really fallen in love with your home, developing a mutually supportive and nourishing relationship.

If you know there are still many feng shui issues to be dealt with in your home, such as a bedroom you can't stand, a front door with a blocked energy flow or a mirror facing the front door; do deal with these feng shui priorities first.

Another suggestion is to not overemphasize the importance of the Kua number information.  The wisest way to go is to neither disregard it nor make your life depend on it. Find an intelligent and comfortable balance and keep it this way.​

Feng shui is all about good quality Chi, or energy, and energy is always in constant motion. Just be sure to make the best of it at all times and keep learning and improving your feng shui skills.

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