Misyar Marriage


A misyar contract is a marriage contract where couples can live separately but get together regularly, often for sexual relations.

Although allowed in Saudi Arabia and under Sunni Islam, misyar is not popular with many who see it as legal prostitution. Women lose nearly all their rights in a misyar marriage.

Nearly 80% of misyar relationships end in divorce.

Requirements for Authorized Misyar Marriage:

  • Consent of both parties.
  • Blessing of the woman's guardian.
  • Presence of witnesses.
  • Presence of a state marriage official.

Reasons for Misyar Popularity:

  • Contact between men and women who are not related is forbidden.
  • Extramarital sex is looked upon as a grave sin.
  • It allows a man to avoid the cost of an expensive wedding, a large dowry, and providing a home for his wife.
  • A husband is not financially responsible for his wife.
  • Commitment not necessary.
  • Creates legal flexible sexual arrangements.

History of Misyar:

During the beginning years of Islam, misyar was utilized by men who were often away from their homes and wives for long periods of time.

Also Known As: temporary marriage, marriage-lite