What Is Amethyst Crystal Power?

amethyst crystals

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Amethyst crystal is unique among all crystals in its popularity, as well as affordability. Mother nature has been generous with the available amethyst; this makes it affordable to choose it as a sixth-anniversary gift, or for your office, home, garden, and even your car! One of the most popular uses of amethyst is in a cluster or a tall geode, as well as tumbled rock form.

Fun Fact

The deeper and more intense the purple color of the amethyst is, the higher the price.

You can find tumbled amethyst rocks in most new-age bookstores and gift shops, as well as online. Amethyst jewelry is also widely available, although it might take a while to find that special piece with the perfect combination of the depth of color and clarity.

What Is Depth of Clarity?

Depth of clarity refers to how deep light can penetrate into something. For crystals, foreign materials can get trapped in them and blemishes can occur, creating cloudiness and lessening their clarity. 

Let's see what is special about the amethyst crystal, where it comes from, and how to use it for your own healing, in jewelry, or for good feng shui in your home.

amethyst crystals
The Spruce / Anastasia Tretiak

Amethyst Crystal

The colors of the amethyst―from light pink to deep purple, indigo, and violet―evoke strong healing powers of this crystal. The amethyst works to purify any space of negative vibrations, emanates higher energy, and creates a suitable place for one to come back to the source of his or her own power. It calms and cools excessive emotions, and eases the transition to a more meditative state by clearing the unnecessary mind clutter.

On a physical level, amethyst is said to strengthen the immune system and help heal imbalances in the respiratory tract and skin. It is interesting to note that the name amethyst translated from Greek means a stone that can protect the wearer from intoxication.

Feng Shui Amethyst meanings illustration
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Most of the amethyst comes from Brazil and Uruguay, although it also can be found in South Korea, Canada, and the USA. The best, highest quality amethyst is considered to be the amethyst from Russia.


In feng shui, the amethyst is used for its purification qualities, as well as its ability to connect to higher planes of energy. It can be used to calm the emotions in a household where there are excessive arguments and misunderstandings. It can also help with study and learning.

Placement Tips

It is an excellent feng shui cure for the following bagua areas: Northeast (spiritual growth and self-cultivation, Southeast (wealth and abundance), as well as South (light within/fame and reputation). You can also place a small amethyst cluster in your study or in the living room. If you are going through an intensely emotional time in your life, you can wear the cooling amethyst in your pocket (a small polished tumbled rock), as well as have a couple in your car.

Form and Color

The best, most powerful amethyst is the one with the richest, deepest indigo hue. It is also the most expensive one. An amethyst with a depth of clarity (versus inner clouds and imperfections) will also be most effective, as well as beautiful (thus higher in price). Having said that, you can still find amethyst at very affordable prices if you do your homework and search a bit for that perfect piece.

As to the specific form, choose the one that fulfills your needs the best. Tumbled, polished amethyst crystals are very affordable, easy to find and convenient in one's purse or pocket. You can also display them in a bowl. The amethyst clusters are the ones that are best placed in an area of your home from which they can help the most.

This can be your fireplace mantel, your altar, or a display in the living room or office bookcase. Amethyst geodes can be a wonder to behold and a good addition to your children's room, while the amethyst cut points and generators are mostly used for healing.

closeup of an amethyst crystal
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