What Is an Infinity Pool? Size, Cost and More

modern infinity pool
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An infinity pool is a type of pool that has one or more edges finished in such a way that when you are either inside or near the pool it looks like the edges seamlessly blend into the surrounding landscape. This type of pool is attractive to someone that would like a pool but is not a fan of how regular pools look and would prefer their pool to blend into the surrounding area. These are especially common when pools are built close to the ocean or on hilltops to make the pool give the illusion that it blends in with the ocean or the surrounding landscape.

Here's everything you need to know about infinity pools.

What Is an Infinity Pool?

An infinity pool usually has at least one side that is set below the normal water level and a corresponding skimmer tray below the edge out of sight. The skimmer tray acts like a long skimmer and opens up the other side to be seamless, improving the general aesthetic of the pool. Overall, because of this feature, infinity pools are more pleasing to the eye than traditional pools with visible coping stones, metal caps, and various skimmer openings.

Characteristics of an Infinity Pool

One of the most prominent characteristics of an infinity pool is its vanishing edge; this is the main draw of this type of pool which gives the effect that the pool seamlessly blends in and compliments its surrounding environment.

Another characteristic of this type of pool is a side effect of the specific design: it has little to no skimmers. This is because the vanishing edge that is so identifiable with this type of pool also doubles as a big skimmer. On the other side of the vanishing edge, there is a finished trough that the water from the pool falls into. This trough is a skimmer and provides a path for the pool water to get to the filter.

It is because of this that an infinity pool's most identifiable feature also gives it the ability to be completely seamless.

Infinity Pool Versus Regular Pool

An infinity pool differs from a regular pool in a few key ways. An infinity pool may have one or no skimmers and will have at least one edge that is continuously below the water level. An infinity pool will also have a skimmer that will most likely be below the pump level and might be slightly more difficult to initially start up. An infinity pool will have a finished edge all around and at least one side that will have a finished side for the water to run down the edge that is seamless

A regular pool would have a more traditional setup which would include one or more skimmers directly plumbed to a pump which will most likely be below the water level, allowing for an easier startup. A regular pool will also have a top edge of either coping stones or aluminum caps depending on what type of pool.


Cost for an infinity pool will be slightly more because instead of just finishing the inside of the pool, you will have to provide a finish for wherever the water touches, including the other side of the vanishing edge. This will increase the square footage that will be required to be finished and increase cost. Also, an infinity pool might require more intricate plumbing work since the skimmer would be below the water line and will require slightly more travel to make it back to the pump.

  • Why should you get an infinity pool?

    You should get an infinity pool if you would like your pool to give the illusion of blending into the scenery. An infinity pool will also provide a cleaner look and can give the appearance of a skimmerless pool.

  • What is the difference between a regular pool and an infinity pool?

    A regular pool will have a skimmer and will have all sides completely above the water level. An infinity pool may have no visible skimmers and at least one edge that is below the water level to help give the impression that it blends into the surrounding area.

  • Where does the water from an infinity pool go?

    The water from an infinity pool goes back to the filter like a normal pool. The bottom of the vanishing edge of an infinity pool acts like a large skimmer. This skimmer will vacuum up the overflowed water and bring it back to the pump and filter. The water then returns to the pool.