What is Feng Shui Astrology?

feng shui asstrology
Shan Shui/Getty Images

Feng shui astrology is another term for the 9 Star Ki Astrology, which is often considered another branch of feng shui. It is a combination of powerful wisdom from I Ching, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yin Yang, and Five Elements theories. Some feng shui practitioners believe the 9 Star Ki is the oldest form of astrology.
No, feng shui astrology is not the same as Chinese astrology based on 12 zodiac signs.
The name for feng shui astrology - 9 Star Ki - comes from the ancient belief that the universal energy (Chi) is channeled to earth through nine stars. The quality of energy varies within nine-year cycles, and the number 9 is also applied to shorter time cycles - from hours to months.
Even though the term "feng shui astrology" is used most often when referring to 9 Star Ki, it is important to understand that feng shui astrology/9 Star Ki deals with the time dimension, not with space. It helps you better understand the cycles you are going through in your life and how to make the best of it.<br/>As such, you do not need to know your 9 Star Ki chart in order to feng shui your home, but it is sure helpful to know it in order to take better care of your energy.
The feng shui annual stars movement, however, is info that might be very helpful in applying feng shui in your space, as it deals with the change of energy within a specific home or office. Based on the calculations of the flying star school of feng shui various annual feng shui cures are recommended to keep the energy harmonious and balanced.
A 9 Star Ki / Feng Shui Astrology chart gives you insight into your character, personality energy, state of your health, relationships, and even your sexual energy. It also helps you find the best timing for a variety of projects - from personal to professional; as well as prevent any potential complications.
You can now easily find our your 9 Star Ki star, as well as read numerous tips to improve your health and well-being; we have all the info ready for you!