Introducing "One Thing:" A Video Series From The Spruce

The Best Home Tips and Tricks, One Thing at a Time

Spraying white board with WD-40

The Spruce / Candace Madonna

Here at The Spruce, our mission is to help our readers make their best homes and, in turn, live their best lives. Sometimes that means covering the latest home trends or giving you a step-by-step tutorial on how to master a cooking technique. Other times, we prefer to leave our readers with helpful little nuggets of information that they can immediately use in their day-to-day. We believe that sometimes, just one thing can help make a big difference in our lives at home.

What we love most about working at The Spruce—which has a mammoth library of all things home and food spanning over a decade—is how inquisitive our readers are. They ask us lots of questions ("Why is my washing machine leaking?" or "How can I quickly ripen avocados?") and in our search for answers, we often come up with so many more questions. We’re led to new, interesting ideas, or updated takes on classic projects, and that is what we get excited to share with everyone. That’s why we’re launching "One Thing."

What Can You Expect?

Each week, we’ll share the one thing we think our readers need to know about how to make their homes even better. Watch as our editors tackle everyday annoyances, make DIY projects, bust popular myths, and share cooking secrets. We’re offering the home answers you crave, one thing at a time.

Melanie Berliet and Neil Vogel on the set of One Thing

How We Work

We are so committed to serving our audience that as editors, we feel it's our moral imperative to share the tips and expertise that we have garnered from our years in the home and food space. We also proudly admit when we don't have the answer (we're human after all!), and we research and test until we do. Our promise to you is that we won't regurgitate the latest viral home hack without testing—and retesting—to make sure it actually works.

The Bottom Line

We're not perfectionists. Instead, we prefer to offer our readers real, honest solutions to their most pressing questions, even if those answers lead to more questions. No matter what each week's "One Thing" may be, you can bet you'll leave with just one more trick up your sleeve. So go ahead, watch an episode (or binge a few), and expect your home and all of its inhabitants to thank you.