What Kids Can Teach You About Color

What Kids Can Teach You About Color | Color.About.com
What Kids Can Teach You About Color. © Nick Dolding/Taxi/Getty

When you're running low on inspiration, it always helps to look at things from another perspective. This is great advice for most any endeavor, but especially true when it comes to decorating and color.

In creative matters, kids are a natural source of inspiration. Kids see things differently, and without the arbitrary rules that we've burdened ourselves with when we're creating. If you're stumped for color inspiration, try these color ideas from a kid's point of view.

Color Can Make You Really Happy

The main reason we decorate and choose color for our homes, is to make us happy. The perfect space should be perfect for you, not your neighbor or that judgmental friend who you're hoping to impress. Kids know that color can make you really, really, happy. Pretty pink colors or fire engine red can set a kid's mood soaring, and that's the lesson you can learn from them. Choose colors that make you happy. This doesn't mean that you can't choose relaxing colors, or colors that motivate you. Choosing colors that make you happy means simply that you're happy with your choice, that the room evokes exactly the mood you had hoped for. See the Simple Happiness 2015 Paint Colors.

It's Okay to Decorate With Your Favorite Color

I don't suggest that you go wild with your favorite color the way a kid might, with pink or purple "everything." Kids know that it's okay to use your favorite color, even if it's not the hot color this year. The secret to decorating with your favorite color is to assess whether it would make a great anchor for your color palette, or would be better as an accent color. If your favorite color is a bit unusual, try pairing it with neutrals. Pay attention to the color temperature and undertones of your favorite color, so that everything works well together.

Not Everything Has to Match Perfectly

When kids put together their own outfits, you can count on a fun and creative mix of colors and patterns. You probably won't want to take this idea literally, as color cacophony isn't the ideal look for your home. Instead, use the spirit of the thrown-together vibe to relax your ideas about what goes together in a space. A great way to use this kid-inspired rule, is to decorate your room with neutrals, then choose a bouquet of spring colors as accents. If your spring colors share the same intensity, this can be a fun and fresh look. Beach-inspired colors are also a perfect fit for the casual almost-matching style.

Learn the Rules (Then You Can Break Them)

Kids spend a lot of time in school, learning rules. Once they grow up, they have enough knowledge to break or bend the rules they've learned. Take this approach to decorating if you're stumped for inspiration. Once you learn the basics of color, and using a color wheel, you can take chances with color to create a fun and unique look. The rooms you love in magazines and online are prime examples of designers who learned, the broke, the rules. Only when you know the basics can you take chances with color. If you try to emulate that carefree look without a solid foundation of color knowledge, the result will be unsettling. The best spaces look pulled-together effortlessly.