What Makes Good Feng Shui Backing

Learn to create good feng shui backing in your home and office

office feng shui backing
Phil Boorman/Getty

Good feng shui backing means having strong, supportive, good feng shui energy behind your back. This usually applies to your office (the area behind your back while you are working at your desk) and your bedroom (the wall behind your bed/behind your headboard).

The term "good feng shui backing" can also be used when referring to the feng shui of the outside of your house.

Good feng shui backing on the outside is when the area in the back of the house is slightly raised and/or very well protected, which creates the good, or even ideal, feng shui energy of one of the four celestial feng shui animals - the Tortoise.

How does a good feng shui backing look? And how can you strengthen your backing if it does not have good feng shui?

Here are some examples of good feng shui backing in your bedroom, your office, as well as outside your house.

Your Office:

A solid wall behind your back strengthened by good wall paint color.

Strong art with the energy, or the actual image of the mountain.

No Sha Chi, or sharp energy pointing at your back (from open shelves or any other office related items).

Your Bedroom:

A solid wall behind the bed.

Strong wall color or art with sensual energy.

No heavy items, such as shelves or light fixtures on the back wall.

No mirror behind the bed.

Back of Your House:

Strong, vibrant, solid energy that supports the house.

A garden, a rock garden or even a row of tall evergreens.

No sloping backyard.

What can you do to create good feng shui backing? Each case will be unique, but look for subtle feng shui cures as expressed in modern decor items. Work with smart window treatments, tall screens, plants, art, wall color, as well as the feng shui power of a good focal point.

For example, if the wall behind your back in the office has a window, place a tall plant in between your office chair and the window, this will create a stronger, more protective energy for you.

If the wall behind your bed has a window and you cannot reposition the bed, here are some feng shui tips for a bed under the window.

If your backyard is sloping, you can apply some feng shui cures for a sloped backyard, too.

Basically, good feng shui backing is about creating a strong energy of protection. This will create supportive feng shui energy that will help keep your personal energy levels up.