What NOT to Have in Your Bedroom

Some common items are bad feng shui

concerned woman holding her forehead
Jamie Grill/Getty Images

A good TV show on home design recently aired a segment on re-designing a bedroom that had a big and quite emotional painting of a lonely woman drowning in a large pool of water. The painting had a strong energy of sorrow and gave off a desperate need to be alone.
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but for good feng shui, this artpiece, or any images with similar energy, do not belong in the bedroom.
It felt almost surreal watching the designer re-decorate the whole bedroom around this sad painting instead of taking a moment to sense that this is a very inappropriate image for a couple's bedroom. The other design element from the same TV segment that should never be in the bedroom is a mirror facing the bed.

Even though the mirror was stunning -- nice and tall, with an elegant gold leaf frame -- a mirror facing a bed should not be placed in the bedroom. When it is also overwhelmingly close to one side of the bed, it will be "working hard" against the couple's harmony and sexual healing.
It is a highly probable feng shui statement that the couple who sleeps in a bedroom with bad feng shui either is, or soon will be, going through considerable emotional difficulties in their relationship.

How can you avoid the many feng shui mistakes that can potentially bring low or negative energy into your bedroom? Start with the basics, and be sure you understand the reason behind any feng shui bedroom recommendations.

Define the quality of energy you want in your bedroom, and see if what is actually happening there is aligned with your desire. If you dream of an open, honest communication in a passionate love relationship, but your closets are stuffed to the brim and your bed has access from only one side, we can assure you there are changes to be made in your bedroom until you reach that dream.

Feng shui teaches you to look at everything with fresh, new eyes and understand the language of every item in your space. It is not as difficult as it sounds, you just have to listen.

Look at every item in your bedroom and see if it helps you create a nourishing, sensual and healing energy. Some items are really easy to "read" - for example, your computer, your treadmill or any office or work-related items definitely do not belong in the bedroom.

Some are harder to define, and it is only up to you to see if you are better off without them in your bedroom. Will your bedroom feel better without those gifts that you actually cannot stand or without the pictures of ALL your family and friends? Your bedroom, your decision.