What Not to Put in Your Front Yard

garden gnome
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You've seen them...you may even have one. But each of these lawn ornaments is doing nothing to help your home's curb appeal. They may even be upsetting the neighbors, or at the very least, have them chuckling behind your back. Take a look at the following ​list of offending items to see if your yard is attracting the wrong kind of attention. Then, improve your home's exterior by accessorizing with a less-is-more approach. For example, hang a couple of ferns or plant some flowers in pretty pots; add an outdoor rug or some pillows to a garden bench, or try a bird feeder or a new welcome mat on the front porch. Your neighbors will thank you.

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    Pink Plastic Flamingos

    Plastic Flamingos on Lawn
    Ron Koeberer / Aurora / Getty

     Let's start with the obvious. Pink plastic flamingos do have a certain amount of kitsch that could work, but only in the right climate. Northern Ohio is not that climate. If you live anywhere other than Miami, you may want to ditch the kitsch.  

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    Concrete Geese With Outfits

    Concrete Goose with Outfit
    cckaiser via Flickr Creative Commons

    For some reason, concrete geese seemed to adorn every home's doorstep in the early '90s. Along the way, people started dressing them. At first, it was funny; but, if you're still dressing your goose for the weather or in seasonal costumes, you may want to stop.  

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    Fake Deer

    Fake Deer in Lawn

    If you live in the country or even the suburbs, you may occasionally see a deer strolling across your lawn, which can be kind of cool, depending on how novel it is for your area. If you just have a couple of deer smack-dab in your front lawn distracting drivers? That's not as awesome.  

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    Wishing Wells

    Wishing Well in Yard
    Jan via Flickr Creative Commons

    Who was the first person to think it was a good idea to put a large fake wishing well in their front yard? And, I wonder, why did the idea catch on? Large structures like these—or lighthouse replicas, for that matter—serve no purpose and shouldn't be placed in front of your house; they're probably detracting from your home's best features, like a great front porch, for instance. 

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    Leaning Cowboys

    Silhouette of Leaning Cowboy chardoman via Etsy

    Silhouettes of witches and ghosts are acceptable at Halloween, but leaning cowboys or hobos smoking pipes kept out all year-round as decoration aren't a great idea. They may startle random passersby; but, they aren't really fooling would-be thieves, and are definitely not helping your property value. 

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    Lawn Jockeys

    Lawn Jockey Joe Popp via Flickr Creative Commons

    Jockey statues have been around a long time, but that doesn't mean you should still have one on your lawn. These relics symbolize a bygone era, and are not just outdated, but also downright offensive to many people.

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    Fake Flowers

    Fake Flowers as Landscaping imelda via Flickr Creative Commons

    Although there is a place for displaying faux flowers in your home, they should never be outside your home. You probably aren't fooling anyone by "planting" plastic flowers in your landscaping. Not only will the sun fade them quite quickly, but they'll also never die! This is one of those times when having nothing is better than having something, so if you can't seem to keep anything alive outside, bare mulch is better than this idea.

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    More Suspect Lawn Accessories

    Garden Gnome AMe Photo / Getty Images

    Here are some other "classic" lawn ornaments that you should strongly reconsider, although a couple of these have staunch supporters:

    • Gazing balls on pedestals
    • Garden gnomes
    • Kissing Dutch boy and girl
    • A wooden cutout of a lady with polka-dotted bloomers bending over to garden
    • Wagon wheels