7 Things You Should Never Store in Your Kitchen Cabinets

appliances used often should not be stored in kitchen cabinets

The Spruce / Rachel Vanni

Sometimes in order to know what to store in your kitchen cabinets, it is easier to start with what not to store there. These items are either too bulky, too awkward, too frequently used, or even too infrequently used to store in kitchen cabinets.

Serving Trays

Unless you are entertaining a household of 20-plus nightly, serving trays can go into storage like a plastic storage bin and be retrieved right before the party for cleaning. Serving trays are bulky and hard to fit into cabinets, so it makes sense to store them offsite if you have limited space. A great storage spot is in the dead space above the refrigerator.


Linen napkins, fancy placemats, and tablecloths can be moved to the linen closet. No need to take up space and mix in fabric pieces with your food and appliances. If they must be stored in the cabinet, place them on the highest shelf so nothing drips or spills on them.

Open Food Containers

It's best to keep most food in your pantry and refrigerator. By keeping food out of your kitchen cabinets, you can reserve that space for other things like glassware, dishes, and mugs. If food must be kept in the cabinets due to lack of space, maximize your space by transferring food to glass or plastic food storage containers. Even better, use square ones that won't create dead space between containers.

Food like flour, sugar, and coffee are prime candidates for cabinet storage since they are easily stored and nearby while cooking. Store the bags of chips and cereals in the pantry so they don't make a mess.


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Appliances You Never Use

Popcorn makers, ice cream makers, waffle irons—if you use them, great. If you registered for them and haven't touched them in five years, it is time to sell or donate these appliances.

If you are not ready to part with them because you feel they may be useful in the future, store them in the basement or attic, or organized in a bin in a closet.

Appliances You Use Daily

Move these to your countertop. The time it takes to grab them out of the cabinet, un-wind the cord, and fit them back on the counter for use can be better used.

Party Décor

If you entertain frequently, keeping your decor close at hand in a kitchen cabinet. Otherwise, store these in a labeled bin in your basement or attic.

Outdoor Serving Pieces

Move these to your kitchen storage area with your party decor. Even if you have a large kitchen, you never want items you use only once in a while to crowd out items you use regularly.

The Bottom Line

Taking the time to evaluate where to store your kitchen appliances will reap benefits that last. Once your kitchen appliances are organized and in their proper place, you will find your kitchen, in general, is more organized and functional.

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