What Your Personality Says About Your Organization Style

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When someone asks you who you are, you might think about your hair and eye color, the things you’re passionate about, the work you do, the people you love, or even the hobbies you have. But chances are you’re probably not going to think about your organization habits (or lack thereof).

But how you choose to organize (or not organize) says a lot about the person you are and how you move through life. Whether you’re someone who craves order or lives on the proverbial ‘wild side,’ here are the six types of organization styles and what they ultimately say about your personality.

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    The Perfectionist

    Here’s the thing: being a perfectionist can have negative connotations. But being the Perfectionist type doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re uptight or so wrapped up in the ideal that you miss what’s in front of you. You simply have a high standard for life and the way you conduct yourself.

    As a perfectionist, you crave order, balance, and things both looking and feeling good. You enjoy when the to-do list is crossed off and you literally feel better when your life—items, home, desk, room, etc.—is in line.

    As a human, you strive for greatness in all areas of life. You tend to be critical— and sometimes over-critical—but you don’t lack appreciation for what you have. And that is why you’re so dedicated to making sure everything (including yourself) is the best it can be.

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    The Minimalist

    If your organization style is Minimalist, you’re all about the simple things. In all honesty, you think that people overcomplicate the process. To you, organization is easy—things have their certain ‘homes’ and that’s where they go. Anything outside of this two-step routine is just too much to be bothered with.

    As a Minimalist, you survive on the essentials and don’t concern yourself with the ‘fluffy’ or ‘filler’ stuff—whether that’s lip service in a relationship or an unessential piece of furniture. You’re more able than anyone to cut down to the core and hone in on what matters rather than being distracted by the less consequential things.

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    The Fixer

    The ‘Fixer’ organization style is all about taking the extra little steps to get from Point A to Point B. Where a Perfectionist might get lost in the entire process trying to make everything look sparkly and new, and the Minimalist might skip over what’s not essential, you tend to fall somewhere in the middle and look at the tiny pieces that make up the whole picture.

    The downside is that sometimes you get distracted by what you can (and should) do first to make things ‘right’ rather than ‘pretty.’ And you lose your own perspectives in trying to help.

    In life, you’re all about being the person others can lean on or the one who’s relied upon to solve problems. You tend to get wrapped up with the ‘projects’—both literal and metaphoric and sometimes overexert yourself trying to make things right. As a plus point, people would most definitely consider you the one with the biggest heart.

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    The Naturalist

    A Naturalist organization style is just as it sounds—focused on nature and natural things. What this means for organizing is that you’re always prioritizing the plants, the greenery, the calming feelings, and the practicality of a space.

    Undoubtedly, function comes first for you, and when you’re organizing your space, you’re always prioritizing what makes sense and is conducive to socialization (or mealtimes).

    In life, as a Naturalist, you’re often focused on the order of things. You are very rational and often find yourself in or absorbed by nature, relying on its consistency to feel normal and balanced. The people closest to you appreciate your focus on the world and the sense of grounding and purpose they find in your presence.

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    The Laissez-Faire Organizer

    As the name suggests, you are the ‘anything goes’ type of organizer who loves to throw things wherever they land and hope for the best—in your home and in life. Your personality is not necessarily removed, but you are definitely less focused on things being ‘right’ and more about embracing what’s been given to you.

    As a ‘Laissez-Faire’ Organizer, your natural tendencies are to let go and let the universe take the reins. You often lean on others to guide and influence you, and have a personality that is a hodge-podge of those around you. You are the laid-back person in your group of friends/family and you’re definitely the one to ride the waves of life—willingly and calmly—even when things get hard. 

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    The Closet Organizer

    As a ‘Closet’ organizer you’re secretly obsessed with order and perfection, but you don’t always show that side to the world. You’re the type of person who is often pulled in multiple directions—perhaps because of an overloaded schedule or multi-passion tendencies. This makes you rush through things rather than give them the attention they need—in both organizing and in your day-to-day life.

    Your organization style tends to be ‘throw-everything-in-the-closet’ type of situation. But if and when you have time, you’re always intentional about what you do. And that’s reflected in the way you often put aside your own needs to be purposeful with others.

    You are the ‘busy’ friend, but the friend that people love because of your ‘pick yourself up and keep going’ type of personality and how you always know just what to say to encourage others