All You Wanted to Know About FurReal Pets

Furreal Friends Torch Dragon
Hasbro / Amazon

FurReal Friends pets are very popular toys for girls. Children are not able to resist these toy pets that allow children to cuddle, feed, love and nurture interactive animals. Furreal toys include dragons, unicorns, puppies, kittens, bears, monkeys, horses, and panda bears.

FurReal pets are not just stuffed animals that move. They are able to respond to a child's touch and simple commands. Over time, as technology advances, FurReal Friends toys have become even smarter and more engaging as they excite children with their very realistic movements.

There are several types of FurReal pets that range in size and price.

FurReal Friends Fantasy Collection

Haven't you always wanted your own pet, like a  unicorn or a "fire-breathing" dragon? These FurReal Friends pets are not inexpensive. However, these toys have the ability to react and respond to a child's voice and touch with 100 different interactions. The unicorn's horn glows, wings flutter and is poseable, being able to sit, stand or lie down.  Torch the Dragon is able to blow "smoke" to toast his toy smores to eat. Buy on Amazon

Happy to See Me Pets

These playful pets include dancing penguins that waddle and flap their wings, as well as a fox who chases her tail and makes beatboxing sounds. Buy on Amazon

Pets With Style

These pets love fashion and little girls will love dressing up their pets with dresses, tiaras, collars, barrettes, plug-in jewels and hair extensions. Buy on Amazon

Furreal Friends Lil' Big Paws

The FurReal Friends Lil' Big Paws pets interact after their bellies are squeezed.

These toys  make silly and "happy pet sounds." Each pet arrives with an accessory that can interact with that allows them to do activities like drink from a container, sneeze, play tug of war, play peek-a-boo, howl or eat ice cream. Buy on Amazon


Luvimals include an assortment of pets that include bunnies, pigs, kittens, bears, and puppies.

These toys can respond with movement and sweet sounds. These friends are generally inexpensive, making them a great birthday party gifts, stocking stuffer or addition to an Easter basket.  For children who collect more than one, Luvimals are able to interact with each other. Buy on Amazon

Other FurReal Friends Pets

These are only just some of the types of pets available in the Furreal Friends world. There are dozens of other animals that include monkeys, pandas, horses, kitties, and ponies which range in price. Many of these toys have the ability to walk, jump, bounce, calm down, sleep, cuddle, and respond to voice, sound and touch commands.

While the app is not required for play, a child's play with their FurReal Friend is enhanced by downloading the free FurReal Friends apps.