Everything You Need to Know about LEGO Toys

A rite of passage for most children, both boys and girls these days, even from very young ages is building with LEGO toys. At one year of age children learn how to stack large blocks on top of each other. As children develop, their attention improves and their dexterity skills become more refined. At the same time, they take an interest in pop culture and enjoy designing worlds around their favorite characters. As parents we then need to find ways to nurture their interests and organize all...MORE these minute little pieces. If you have a LEGO fan in your family, here's everything you'll need to know about LEGO toys.

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    How to Store LEGO's

    LEGO Tabletop Drawers
    Container Store

    The screams of a parent accidentally stepping on a LEGO toy radiate throughout the neighborhood. Every living area and family is different, but this list offers choices for tables, bins, storage containers and even portable backpack options to utilize when organizing and storing LEGO's.

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    How To Reduce Frustration When Building With LEGO's

    LEGO Juniors Construction Set
    LEGO Juniors Construction Set. LEGO
    Usually around the age of 4 or 5, children transition from larger LEGO DUPLO blocks into the smaller blocks with more challenging directions. Learn 8 ways to reduce frustration in young children who are learning to build, so they can have a successful experience and be well on their way to becoming the next LEGO Master Builder.
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    LEGO Ideas

    LEGO Scientist
    Maia Weinstock Flickr Creative Commons

    Are you or your children so creative with LEGO's that you've designed the next best LEGO idea? Builders can submit their creations to a community of LEGO fans. If the item receives 10,000 supporters, it will enter a LEGO review phase, be tested and could potentially end up being sold on toy store shelves.

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    MIAMI - SEPTEMBER 28: Melissa Brunschwig shops for toys at the Toys'R'Us store on September 28, 2010 in Miami, Florida. ©Getty Images / Joe Raedle

    Holiday seasons have parents scrambling from one store or website to the next, checking off the items on their child's wish list. What if you can't find that specific LEGO set they've asked for? Here are 9 different strategies to locate those popular but hard-to-find toys.

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    LEGO Juniors for Builders Ages 4-7

    LEGO Juniors Batman Defend the Cave
    LEGO Juniors Batman Defend the Cave. LEGO

    One of my favorite recommendations for young builders has been to start with smaller packages, like LEGO Mixels. However, LEGO has designed an entire line of construction bricks for children transitioning to more challenging LEGO's that include larger, modular pieces. These aren't "LEGO's for babies" either and feature popular characters like Disney Princesses and Batman.

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    Construction Toy Buyers Guide

    Lego friends cafe

    For kids who like LEGO's there are also several other different types of construction brick sets in the toy aisles include Ionix, Kre-O, and MegaBloks. 

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    Keri Wilmot

    Looking for roads and ways to connect one LEGO play area to another? Playtape includes train tracks and road ways in various widths that children can tape to the carpet or floor and have an instant road for their vehicles.

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    Lay n' Go Lifestyle Review

    Lay n' Go Lifestyle Toy Storage
    Lay N' Go

    Clean up those LEGO's, quick! Kids can store their LEGO's on top of the this portable playmat, then when it's time to clean up, with a simple pull of a drawstring this mat transforms into a backpack.

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    Neat-Oh Zip Bins

    Zip Bin Tie Fighter - NeatOh!
    Neat-Oh bins unzip to to reveal playmats for pretend play. When children are done playing, they can easily zip up the sides then store their LEGO's inside the bin on a shelf in a closet, bookshelf or play area.


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    LEGO Ninjago Fire Temple
    ©LEGO / ©PriceGrabber

    LEGO has also developed toys around their own animated cartoons like  LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitsu.  These brick based playsets also include a gaming component where kids use their mini-figures to battle by placing their characters on top of spinning tops.

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    LEGO Legends of CHIMA

    LEGO Legends of Chima Razcal's Glider

    Like Ninjago,  LEGO Legends of CHIMA is another popular animated show that includes an entire line of characters and playsets from the cartoon.

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    LEGO Mixels

    LEGO Mixel Vulk
    LEGO Mixel Vulk. LEGO Mixel Vulk

    are small packaged creations available inexpensively under $10. However, if a child collects all 3 of the same colored Mixel, they can be combined to form a larger character. Mixels is also a popular animated show on the Cartoon Network.