Everything You Need to Know When Buying Used Toys

Whether you are buying used toys to save money, selling used toys to earn back a portion of the major investment toys can be for families over time, or trying to decide which types of used toys are even worth the time and purchase, here is everything you need to know about the process of buying and selling used toys.

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    7 Reasons Why You Need To Buy Used Toys

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    While not everyone can afford the hefty price tag of some expensive new toys, as companies continue with their commitment to creating sustainable toys that last for generations, there are several great reasons why, on occasion, parents, caregivers and grandparents should consider buying used toys instead of new toys. 

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    8 Ways to Make Money On Your Used Toys

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    Whether you choose to send out a Facebook update, place items on consignment in a community store, or appeal to shoppers nationwide using eBay or Amazon, there are several choices available when choosing where to sell your used toys.

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    Power Wheels driving cars, dollhouses, climbing equipment, American Girl dolls, play kitchens, outdoor toys and baby gear that includes stationary exersaucers are just a few of the dozens of toys that are absolutely worth trying to buy brand used.

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     So you'd like to buy or sell used toys. What do you need to do first? Learn about choosing a website or community organization that is right for you, what to include in your listing to sell your items quickly, while also keeping in mind that there are people who try and engage others in scams.

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    Kids donating toys
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    If you have decided that donating used toys is the avenue that is better for your lifestyle, you will quickly realize most places, such as Toys for Tots, require brand new toys in their original packaging to avoid toy recalls and make sure items are sanitary. Here are 7 organizations to consider, either online or potentially in your community, who make it simple for others to pass-on gently used toys to others.

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    17 Tips To Afford Expensive Toys

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    Skipping the drive thru lines, asking grandparents to chip in for expensive toys during gift giving timeframes, emptying the penny jar, participating in online contests or using layaway, there are dozens of short cuts that can help people save a large percentage off any full price toys.

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    Yes, You Can Rent Educational Toys!

    Sparkbox Toys
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    If you are committed to sustainability and/or don't necessarily have the time to shop, but want your kids exposed to educational toys? Sparkbox curates several toys based upon a child's developmental age and sends them to the home on a monthly basis. Love one of the toys in the box, then buy it for a reduced price and keep it.

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    A New Way to "Pley" With LEGO's

    Pley LEGO plane

    We love LEGO's but when kids become able to assemble a $30 set in an hour, they can be expensive and challenging to justify the hefty price tag on a consistent basis. Pley delivers LEGO's to the home, based upon a personalized queue of sets the child or parent can prioritize. Children build the set and when they are finished, return it, then wait for a new set to arrive. While some may not prefer a monthly subscription fee, as a parent, it's hundreds of dollars less over time...MORE you'll need to buy using trial and error with regard to LEGO storage containers. Love that set? Pley also includes a purchase feature, offers discounts for friend referrals the the opportunity to trade-in old bricks for Pley credit.