What to Sell at Flea Markets

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With the flea market trends toward indie markets, vintage shows, curated flea markets, food markets, and artisan markets, your booth is no longer limited to antiques, imports, or big packs of tube socks. You'll still find all of those, but there are plenty of other things to sell at flea markets. Here are some ideas to get you started.

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    Vintage Clothing and Fashion Accessories

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    Do you love fashion and tend to prowl estate sales and garage sales? Consider selling vintage clothing in your flea market stall or vintage show booth. In addition to apparel, you can sell hats, scarves, shoes, handbags, and belts. Selling vintage clothing also gives you the perfect reason to wear some of your wares; you have to model the merchandise.

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    Baked Goods

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    If it's not prohibited by local ordinance or the flea market itself—some don't allow sellers to compete with their food trucks and concessions—consider selling your home-baked goods at a flea market. The fresh-baked smell should lure customers anxious for immediate treats as well as those who'd like a box of your cookies or cupcakes to take home.

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    Upcycled or Repurposed Furnishings

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    Do you love to restyle dinged, damaged, and dated furniture with a fresh new look? Consider selling some of your finest upcycled and repurposed pieces in a flea market booth. Your customers will love getting something unique to decorate their homes, and they'll feel good about recycling an old piece instead of buying new.

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    Original Fashion

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    Are you an aspiring fashion designer who hasn't yet made it to fashion week? Why not show and sell some of your creations at an indie market or curated flea, such as Chicago's Randolph Street Market? In addition to building your business and generating extra income, you just might get discovered while you're there.

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    Prints and Paintings

    Vintage Posters and Advertisements for Sale

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    Good artwork isn't all sold in uptown galleries. You might not get rich selling original art at an indie or artisan market, but you may add a tidy supplement to your income.

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    Vintage and Retro Home Furnishings

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    Are you mad about mid-century modern or are the swanky '70s more your thing? Either way, why not turn your decorating passion into a business by selling period home furnishings at a flea market or vintage show? You can focus on a single era or go crazy with all things vintage and retro.

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    Vintage Housewares

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    Now that vintage is so hot in the decorating and design world, many fans would rather shop for original housewares at a flea market or vintage show instead of buying some department store's new reproductions. You can sell a variety of styles and styles, or focus on a single item type, such as super-collectible Pyrex.

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    Used Books

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    Before books were digital things you download online, did you ever long to spend your days running a quaint, cozy bookstore? If so, why not get a taste of that now by becoming a bookseller at a flea market? You can specialize in rare and antique books or just sell a variety of used volumes at good prices. Either way, what better thing for a bibliophile to sell at the flea market than stacks and stacks of wonderful books?

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    More Flea Market Selling Tips

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    Once you figure out what you want to sell, you should know the best places to sell your items. It's also important to know how to start your flea market business.