What to Wear to a Spring Wedding

Spring wedding
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    Spring Wedding

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    One of the most fun, and also the most agonizing parts of being a wedding guest is figuring out what to wear. Even if the invitation clearly states the dress code, it can be tricky to find an appropriate dress. Here are my suggestions for what to wear to every type of spring wedding.

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    Semi-Formal Wedding


    Most weddings are semi-formal, meaning you should choose a cocktail dress for evening and a short dress or suit for daytime. If the invitation doesn't give you any clues, semi-formal dresses are the best choice for what to wear to a spring wedding. Look for to-the-knee or slightly above the knee, fabrics like silk, chiffon, satin, or taffeta, and minimal or no beading. Most of all, look for something that makes you feel beautiful, and helps you want to celebrate!

    This Amsale lemon chiffon...MORE dress is fun and flirty. The lemon color fits perfectly with the current trend for pastel dresses and is also perfect for a spring wedding. I particularly love the youthful and flattering silhouette.

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    Black Tie Optional Wedding


    For a black-tie-optional spring wedding, chose a dress that is more formal than a cocktail dress, but isn't quite an evening gown. You can choose either a simple floor-length dress or a short dress that has beading.

    This gorgeous Ted Baker dress has a long formal length but has a matte texture and more casual neckline.

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    Spring Black Tie Wedding


    Black tie weddings call for long dresses, formal enough to compliment tuxedos. While some women will "cheat" by wearing an evening suit or even a cocktail dress, it's better to stick to a proper evening dress. Generally, this means darker colors and more luxe fabrics.

    I love this JS Boutique gown with a beaded waist and cutaway details. The touch of sequins at the waist add extra shine, while the silhouette is flattering to a range of ages and body types.

    For a very formal wedding, you...MORE should have more beading on your dress, like this sequined Adrianna Papell dress in smokey gray lead color.

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    Mother of the Bride


    A great Mother of the Bride dress should help you stand out and feel special, without upstaging your daughter. There's a fine line between being age appropriate without being dowdy. Don't feel like you have to wear a long beaded dress with a jacket! You want to look like the Mother of the Bride, not like an extra on the Golden Girls!

    I love this fun Maggy London stretch dress. It has a touch of vintage styling, but it shows just the right amount of skin to keep it from being dowdy. The...MORE wide portrait neckline helps draw attention to the face, while the gathers flatter your waistline and hips.

    C heck out this Maggy London dress in lavender.

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    Formal Church Wedding


    Too many guests attending formal church weddings don't understand the need to be a little modest. While that strapless evening dress will look great on the dance floor, it may not be respectful enough for a religious setting. Yet you want something that will also work for the reception.

    Look for a dress that comes with a matching jacket, like this JS Collections sheath and bolero. With the jacket on, you'll look church-appropriate. Later on, take the jacket off to show off your curves and...MORE sexiness.

    Another way to be modest for a church wedding is to find a beautiful wrap or jacket, like​ this ​Adrianna Papell satin wrap. In order to be respectful, make sure your dress covers the knee and isn't too low-cut and that your shoulders are covered.

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    When the Invitation Says "Festive Attire"


    When an invitation says "festive attire" that means the wedding will be a fun party, and they want guests to dress flirty and fashionably. You can wear bolder colors and shorter skirts. Whatever you wear should make you feel pretty and sexy, so that you'll be ready to dance and have a good time. This Kate Spade dress might be too bright and attention grabbing for many weddings, but it's just right for festive attire.

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    Dressy Daytime Wedding


    A dressy daytime wedding calls for something fancier than a cotton sundress. Choose a pretty suit, or a feminine, elegant dress. In some countries, ​a hat is necessary for a formal daytime wedding, but in the U.S. it's purely optional. 

    Many guests make the mistakes of either dressing too casually or wear an evening dress. This Trina Turk dress feels special and unique, but it's distinctly a day dress. You can easily picture it with a charming hat or a fascinator.

    Another option is a...MORE formal day suit like this one from Albert Nipon.

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    Casual Spring Daytime Wedding


    At a casual spring daytime wedding, you'll want to look relaxed but not sloppy. Don't think casual means jeans! Instead, it means be well-groomed, fashionable, and comfortable. cottons, linens, and knits are all appropriate.

    A fun dress like this McGinn stripe dress is fun and charming. Its cotton fabric helps it be casual and laid-back.

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    Plus-Size Wedding Guest


    When you're plus size, many formal dresses for spring weddings can overwhelm you with fabric. They tend to be floor-length and put too much emphasis on hiding your curves rather than accentuating them. This Xscape gown is a formal dress, but it reveals just enough skin so you'll still feel sexy.

    If you're looking for a semi-formal dress, consider this Adrianna Papell lace knit dress. The portrait collar draws attention to your face, while the flutter sleeves keep it fun and flirty.

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    Beach Wedding or Destination Wedding


    Destination weddings call for elegant but not too formal dresses. Especially if you're going to a beach wedding, you'll want to feel special and dressed-up while still island-appropriate. The good news is that the maxi-dress trend means that there are many options to choose from.

    This Aidan Mattox strapless chiffon dress is stunning, with an asymmetrical hem. The print looks like tie-dye until you get close enough to realize it's feathers!