What Your Christmas Tree Says About Your Personal Style

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    What Your Christmas Tree Says About Your Personal Style

    woman in red stockings next to mini Christmas tree
    Muriel de Seze/DigitalVision/Getty Images

    Your Christmas tree and the ornaments you use to decorate it tell more than you realize about your personal style. Analyzing yours reveals clues about your fashion and home furnishings ideals and inspirations. Here's what your Christmas tree is telling people about you: 

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    Cute Pink Christmas Tree

    pink Christmas tree with matching gifts
    Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images

    Your Christmas tree is cute and quirky and so is your personal style.

    You paired a retro-tacky sofa (think wood-framed, wing-back, tufted vinyl) with handmade pillows from Etsy and made it look great. Then, just in case the look was still too stuffy, you added a 1950's lamp with a ruffled shade.

    You considered dying your hair to match the tree but decided to tip the ends instead. You're thinking about icy blue for the next time.

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    Nostalgic Christmas Tree

    traditional Christmas tree with nostalgic ornaments
    Diane Diederich/E+/Getty Images

    Your overall holiday look is classic, but it's plenty nostalgic too. Amidst the traditional trappings, a closer look reveals an old-fashioned popcorn garland and the reindeer ornaments your children (or you) made from clothespins.

    Your home and your wardrobe have the same traditional feel. You buy classic pieces in the best quality you can afford, but elegance is less important than sentiment. Your tables are topped with framed family photos -- and you wouldn't trade your grandmother's...MORE old brooch for a diamond of any size.

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    Vintage Christmas Tree

    Aluminum Christmas tree with vintage ornaments
    By EverySpoon (Flickr) [ CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

    You'd never shop for holiday decorations at department stores. You like the vintage holiday look. Your ideal is the old aluminum tree you bought on eBay -- and boy did the bidding get fierce at the end -- and the vintage Christmas tree ornaments you've collected for years.

    Your attitude toward interior decorating is the same. You buy vintage furniture, lighting, and accessories at antique malls, flea markets, and estate sales.

    You do buy some new clothes, but only the basics and only when you must...MORE -- and you combine them with thrift store blouses, vintage handbags, and old estate jewelry. Buy an entire outfit at the mall? That's just crazy talk.

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    Color-Coordinated Christmas Tree

    white Christmas tree with green ornaments
    Digital Vision./Photodisc/Getty Images

    That Christmas tree matches your living room quite well. It's not so much color coordinated as color controlled. You certainly never have to worry about clashing.

    But, while a cohesive aesthetic is a good thing, why not go wild with a pop of something different now and then? 

    You could anchor all of that floating white with a different rug, perhaps a patterned one with a more than two colors. And, yes, monochromatic clothing is simple and slimming -- but you could add a colorful scarf or...MORE contrasting clutch.

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    Colorful Retro-Traditional Christmas Tree

    colorful tabletop Christmas tree
    Lisa Charles Watson/The Image Bank/Getty Images

    You adore traditional style -- just not necessarily the current interpretation of traditional.

    By today's standards, your gilding is a little too gold, your colors are too vibrant, and your shapes are too stylized (though they're still sweet). Think the late '50s and the '60s, but not the modern stuff. Picture sleek little suits, white gloves, and colorful enamel flower pins and you've got the idea.

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    Not-Quite-Finished Christmas Tree

    half decorated Christmas tree
    By Pingsjong (Pingsjong) [ GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

    Your Christmas tree is quite lovely -- at the top.

    You have great taste and ideas, and you get started with gusto. Unfortunately, you usually run out of steam and/or means before you reach the end.

    Thus, the exquisite chair you reupholstered by hand, except for the back panel and skirt. But that's okay. That's why you pushed it against the part of the wall you haven't finished painted yet. And let's not even get into why your trousers are hemmed with duct tape. 

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    Dramatic Christmas Tree

    dramatic Christmas tree with pink ornaments
    "Think, pink theme Christmas Tree" by tsayrate / CC BY 2.0 / cropped from original

    Your personal style is over-the-top and dramatic. When you do something, you go all the way. And, you really like the attention you get for your efforts.

    If you wear a bracelet stack, you want the stack to span from wrist to elbow. In your home, your biggest enemy is beige -- unless the beige is sprinkled with glitter. Of course, you think fuchsia with glitter is an even better option.