What Your Enneagram Type Says About Your Home Decor Style

Moroccan-bohemian living room

Twenty20 / Graham Burns

Chances are, you’ve probably heard of the Enneagram and nine personality types. It’s all over social media, prominent in workspace conversations, and plays a major role in relationship dynamics and compatibility. But have you considered what your dominant type and tendencies say about your home décor style?

Here’s what you need to know about your type and how it influences your home design:

Type 1: The Reformer 

Your Traits: You tend to be ordered, self-controlled, and rational. Sometimes you can lean towards *perfectionism* but over anything else, you value practicality and purpose, which is admirable.

Your Décor Style: As a Reformer, you feel like the best version of yourself when your space is both practical and polished. A minimalist style would definitely suit you. You prefer order, so it would make the most sense to choose décor and style that is more symmetrical in nature. This way, your space both feels and looks balanced.

Organization is a must for you, so you tend to lean towards a more classic vibe with furniture and aesthetics to avoid busyness and clutter. You could also benefit from neutral color tones to lower overall noise.

Type 2: The Helper

Your Traits: You are highly interpersonal, generous, and often focused on others. Sometimes you can people-please, but this is often a result of your good-natured heart. You value comfort and connection first.

Your Décor Style: Because you’re a Helper, you thrive in spaces where connection is the forefront. Comfortable and cozy décor—think blankets, pillows, and oversized armchairs—allows you to share the most intimate moments with family and friends easily.

Beyond the furniture, warm colors and tones help you create the right aesthetic. And because you’re often focused on others, you tend to have walls covered with pictures and other sentimental touches, too.

Type 3: The Achiever

Your Traits: True to your name, you’re focused on making goals and crushing them. You are deeply success-oriented and are driven to create memorable experiences and moments in all aspects of your life (and home).

Your Décor Style: As an Achiever, there’s no doubt this desire to excel is present in all areas of your life—including your home décor. You tend to gravitate towards more higher-end furniture and items with a desire to impress, and depending on your area of interest, this may manifest itself in collectibles, name-brand items, or high-end art.

Your style is more modern and chic, with an emphasis on trending to stay above the curve and make a lasting impression on your guests.

Type 4: The Artist

Your Traits: You tend to be moody and introspective, preferring to carve your own spaces and sense of identity wherever you go. You are a trailblazer in all areas of your life, but because of this, you can sometimes be self-focused even when that’s not your intent.

Your Décor Style: As an Artist/Individualist, your greatest trait is your uniqueness, so anything seemingly too conformist will make you feel uncomfortable or stifled.

You don’t always have to have the latest or on-brand items; instead, you have a passion for collecting knick knacks or one-of-a-kind items that no one else has, making your house really feel like a home. Whether it’s a room, wall décor, or even layout, you like to craft an aesthetic that is personal to you.

Type 5: The Investigator

Your Traits: You are perceptive and innovative when it comes to all areas of your life. Although you tend to prefer your own sense of space and privacy, your reserved nature helps you to be a better observer, and thus better empathizer with the world around you.  

Your Décor Style: When it comes to your home décor, you don’t like to spend a lot of time planning and designing. Your goal is to create a simplistic yet approachable space with minimal effort.

Room-wise, you prefer spaces that allow you to think and reflect in peace. Whether this is a special nook for higher-level thinking or a cozy space for relaxation, you love refined, yet comfortable furniture and items.

Type 6: The Loyalist

Your Traits: You are deeply committed to the relationships and responsibilities in your life. You are highly dependable, and although you tend to be anxious at times, this comes from a desire to create and cultivate a sense of security around you.

Your Décor Style: When it comes to your home, this sense of stability is at the forefront. You prefer spaces that feel safe, meaning that you tend to lean more towards traditional styles over the latest trends.

Solid wood, non-eclectic palettes, and deep, warm tones suit you best. You see your home as your escape—a reminder of what you love and what’s important expressed through décor and design.

Type 7: The Enthusiast

Your Traits: Energetic and spontaneous, you are always looking for the next adventure. Although you can sometimes be distractible and all-over-the-place in your thinking, your best traits are your energy and versatility in all areas of life.

Your Décor Style: As an Enthusiast, you are true to your name—on fire for everything that builds connection and long-lasting memories. When it comes to your home, your design tends to be more eclectic in nature: bright colors, bold accents, and sometimes scattered items that represent different periods of your life.

Your style may veer more bohemian or outdoorsy, bringing in items, pictures, and other memorabilia from adventures you’ve been on—all in one space.

Type 8: The Challenger

Your Traits: Often identified by the catchphrase, “Go big or go home,” as a Challenger, you are all about the bold and confident. Although you can sometimes be a bit too assertive, you are filled with passion, and this expression of passion is abundant in your home and otherwise.

Your Décor Style: As a Challenger, you value both work and play. And your home reflects that with a combination of lavish relaxation areas and carefully-crafted workspaces.

True to the boldness of your personality type, your home décor is impressionable. From the statement furniture and bold accent colors to the modern, cutting-edge design, your goal is for your home to leave a lasting imprint on anyone who visits.

Type 9: The Peacemaker

Your Traits: You are the most welcoming and personable of the types, receptive to others and agreeable in almost all situations. Although you can sometimes be too easygoing, your reassuring nature exudes a sense of peace everywhere you go.

Your Décor Style: Because of your agreeable and down-to-earth nature, your décor is often a hybrid of your personal style and the style of others. As you value the company of others, you often pull from the style of loved ones or incorporate their hand-me-down gifts.

Your style is typically less polarizing and more traditional in nature. You often incorporate soft color pallets or even houseplants plants for more positive, zen-like energy.