7 Stroller Footmuffs to Try

Many strollers and car seats today come with an accessory called a footmuff. Sometimes a footmuff might be sold separately to be used with any stroller.

The footmuff is a tapered, often quilted accessory that is designed to fit over the foot of the car seat or stroller. Its purpose is to help keep the baby warm. Some footmuffs also have a water-resistant fabric to protect the baby from rain or snow.

If a stroller has a bassinet or carrycot accessory, you may also be able to use the footmuff to...MORE cover baby in the bassinet.

A footmuff may sometimes be called a bunting. Some buntings, rather than just fitting over the baby's feet, might have a back portion, too. This creates a bunting that is like a sleeping bag that baby slides inside. While that style of bunting is fine for strollers, you should not use anything thick or quilted underneath your baby in a car seat. The exception is if the car seat manufacturer sells the bunting with the car seat, in which case it will have been crash tested with the car seat and is known to perform to adequate standards.

If you live in a very cold climate and do a lot of walking outside, a footmuff may be a good investment. Otherwise, you might find that your baby gets too warm inside a stroller or car seat with a footmuff, particularly if the footmuff has heavy quilting or a water-resistant fabric that isn't very breathable. If you aren't outside with baby in the stroller for very long, a light muslin blanket draped over the stroller might be a better choice for breathability without so much bulk to overheat your baby. For infant car seats, a lighter-weight winter car seat cover that drapes over the handle could offer breathable protection from the elements without building up too much heat.

If your stroller or car seat came with a matching footmuff, that probably provides the best fit and will have special attachment points so it stays put. However, if your stroller didn't come with a footmuff, there are several universal models available. The universal stroller footmuffs below are fairly thick for use when the weather is quite chilly.

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    The gorgeous Polar Igloo from 7AM Enfant can be used as a classic footmuff, or you can zip the layers together to create a super snuggly sleeping bag for baby's stroller. The top of the back piece can be drawn together to form a hood, as well, for days when extra protection from cold is needed. The outer layer is water-resistant and keeps the wind from chilling baby, too. Inside, the faux fur lining makes a soft little nest for your baby. Though the Polar Igloo has a high-maintenance look,...MORE it's actually quite easy to care for since it's machine washable. Available in three sizes for birth through three years.

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    This luxurious footmuff can be used like a thick bunting to cocoon your baby in warmth, or you can remove the bottom layer and use it like a traditional footmuff. Another fleece blanket layer snaps into the footmuff for even more warmth when it's really cold. There's even a beautiful, fur-trimmed hood that can be snugged around your baby's face to keep chilly wind out. The shell is waterproof, and the fiber insulation is light and fluffy to provide warmth without weight. The top...MORE layer can be secured over the top of a car seat and doesn't interfere with the harness straps. Three sizes are available to fit your child from birth through three years old.

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    You can use this footmuff to provide a lot of warmth or just a little, thanks to the removable winter layer on top. If it isn't that cold, just un-snap it and use the lighter weight layer underneath. Both layers can be unsnapped or zipped down partway from the top, and the lighter layer can be rolled to the side and fastened out of the way when it isn't needed. If your little one has wet or dirty shoes after a stroller break, you can even unzip the bottom of the Stroll and Go so shoes...MORE can hang out of the bottom and won't get the inside of the footmuff dirty. The non-slip backing keeps the footmuff in place as you get baby in and out of the stroller. There are two sizes available, for infants and toddlers. This footmuff is not recommended for use in car seats because it has a layer that would go between the baby and the harness.

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    This versatile, fluffy cover works not only as a stroller footmuff, but as a drape for baby's car seat and a baby carrier cover, as well. It is machine-washable, water-resistant, and wind-proof. The Cygnet cover has Velcro straps at the top corners that can be wrapped around the stroller frame to keep the cover in place. There's also an elastic band around the sides and bottom that helps it tuck around the stroller and prevents the wind from blowing it around. It even has zippered spots...MORE so your child can stick their hands out if necessary.

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    The super-soft bottom layer of the Urban BundleMe fits around the harness straps of your stroller and stays in place nicely with elastic straps so your little one always has a cozy spot to land. The top layer is also lined with the same soft thermoplush material, and it can be easily zipped on and off whenever the weather changes. The outer part of the footmuff is water-resistant nylon. The Urban BundleMe comes in two sizes - infant and toddler.

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    This basic footmuff has a back piece with plenty of slots for the stroller harness to fit through, so it stays in place well and also allows normal adjustment of the harness straps. The outer cover buckles to the bottom layer, so it's easy to put on and remove. The outside layer is waterproof and wind-resistant, while the inside is made of polar fleece, so it's soft and warm for baby. You can machine wash the entire footmuff if it gets dirty.

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    This incredibly inexpensive footmuff is simple in design and fills just one purpose - keeping baby's legs toasty while out and about. There is a little pouch that baby's legs tuck into, which keeps the footmuff in place at the bottom. Velcro straps wrap around the stroller frame to secure the top.

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