When Eggs Aren't An Option

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    What To Do When You Run Out Of Eggs

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    Eggs every once in a while for your birds are fine. But eggs are more than just a main dish accompanied by toast and hash browns in the morning. They are used in baking as a binder to hold the batter together while baking. They are also give a lightness to a baked recipe which makes them serve as a leavening.
    They also add moisture and richness to a baked food as well as enhancing the other flavors that is unique. It makes those flavors much brighter and denser. 
    Sometimes you have a recipe that...MORE calls for two eggs and you only have one egg left. Vegans don’t eat eggs and may not have any on hand to make something for their birds that call for them. And if for some reason do not want to feed your birds eggs in any form and yet still want to cook a recipe that calls for them, there is a way around this. 
    There are quite a few ingredients you can use in place of eggs that would work in many recipes as a replacement. 

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    Ground Flax Seed

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     Flax seed adds a texture that is very much like adding eggs to a recipe. It mimics the gluiness of the egg, binding the ingredients of the recipe you are making. It works well in denser recipes such as “Good For Birds” muffins, breads, and bird crackers, but if you are making something lighter for yourself like a cake, it may not work as well. 

    To equal one egg, simply blend 1 tablespoon of ground flax seed with 3 tablespoons of water until thickened by using a fork or by using a blender.

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    Commercial Egg Substitutes

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    Bob’s Red Mill is a company that makes an egg substitute. It’s called “Vegetarian Egg Replacer.” It contains no animal products whatsoever and is perfect for those that are vegan, allergic to eggs or on a low-cholesterol diet. It is a powdered product and it is produced from a combination of starches and thickeners. This is something that would be nice to have on hand in your pantry for those “Just In Case” times when you just might need it. 

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    Chia Seed

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    Chia seed is not only good for your birds, they are a handy little egg replacement and they work very much the same way as ground flax seed does. Chia seeds add protein to your recipe as well as containing a lot of omega-3 fatty acids. They also add fiber, antioxidants and minerals.

    Ground chia seed can be purchased and used and mixed with water to replace eggs. One tablespoon mixed with three tablespoons of water works quite well. Mix the water with the ground chia seed and whisk it well with a...MORE fork or a whisk before adding it to your other ingredients. But let it sit for about five minutes to settle in with the water before adding.

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    Applesauce is a great binder in baked goods. It thickens your batter and adds a nice bright flavor to what you are making. Simply use a quarter cup of unsweetened apple sauce to your other ingredients to substitute one egg. You can keep individual cups of it in your pantry to use in the small quantities needed.

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    Pumpkin is another ingredient you can use in a recipe to replace eggs. Canned pumpkin is quite good for birds as long as you ensure you are purchasing plain canned pumpkin as opposed to the “pumpkin pie mix” which has sugar in it. Simply replace one egg with one-third of a cup of canned pumpkin. If you have some cooked acorn or butternut squash around, you may use that as a substitute as well. 

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     Using a third of a cup of banana does the same thing as the applesauce or the pumpkin. It binds your other ingredients as well as moistens them. This would work well in bird friendly muffin recipes.

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    Most of these egg substitutes add nourishment and healthy additions to any recipe you might want to try making. Experiment with flavors and textures to boost the nutrition as well as adding yet another nutritional layer to your flock’s diet.