6 Clever Wall Decal Ideas for Any Room

6 Reasons to Consider These Wall Coverings

Sunlit, gray sofa by a floral print wall in the nook of a feminine living room interior with golden accessories
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Small-scale wall decals such as quotations and silhouettes of birds and trees have hit the mainstream. So much so that you might be really over them. Instead, take a look at whole-wall decals that give the look of wallpaper minus the messy application process. 

There are also single large-scale decals that make a major statement and lend a note of drama and sophistication to a room. Giant wall stickers can mimic architectural features like stone, brick, or windows. 

Read on for design options that look great with wall decals or murals.

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    Wall Decals 2.0

    Wood wall mural
    Wall Sticker Company

    Take a look at this rustic wood-planked wall. This decal can add character to your home. It is hard to tell its a giant wall sticker at first glance. This whitewashed wood wall sticker adds instant charm and lends texture to a blank wall. 

    While it is safe to say that many people are over the flora and fauna motifs and inspirational quotations, there are many other types of wall decals. Not only are they a great solution for commitment-phobes because they are completely removable, vinyl wall decals, wall stickers, and murals are also a great solution for renters who are not allowed to paint or hang wallpaper. They are also perfect for short-life spaces such as nurseries or kids' playrooms.

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    When You Can't Commit

    honeycomb wall decal

    Smaller decals carefully laid out in a repeating pattern can give you the look of a trendy geometric wallpaper without the same level of commitment. This honeycomb wall decal from Etsy is a perfect solution if you rent, move frequently, or simply like to redecorate a lot.

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    When You Want Architectural Interest

    stone wall mural wayfair

    The high ceilings of this room are crying out for extra drama, and a giant wall sticker that mimics the look of an expensive stone wall fits the bill. This faux stone wall from Wayfair would be perfect for a fireplace wall, too. Other similar wall stickers give the look of wood-planked walls or even exposed brick.

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    When You Want Art Without the Nail Holes

    vintage fabric wall mural
    Walls Need Love

    Sure, you could hang a gallery wall or try to find a large piece of artwork to fill the space over your couch or around your flatscreen TV, but a giant wall mural like this wall mural from Walls Need Love adds tons of drama and turns a blank wall into a work of art without a single nail hole.

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    When You Need Scale

    chrysanthemum wall decal

    Wall decals are often sold as sets but beware of relying on these to give you the dramatic effect you are looking for. Often, there are nott enough decals in a set to adequately fill a space, leaving you with less "wow" and more "meh." You can make a big impression with a single large-scale decal like this scene-stealing chrysanthemum from Fathead. Different from run-of-the-mill floral decals, the scale and variety of colors in this one make it special.

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    When You Need a Distraction

    Large wall decal of a tree

    Like the chrysanthemum in the preceding image, this large-scale tree decal from Etsy draws all the attention, effectively detracting from the fact that the bed does not have a headboard. This one is positioned off-center for extra visual interest.  Large wall decals attract the eye away from problem areas, making them a great solution for rooms with awkward layouts, weirdly positioned air vents, or other eyesores. 

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    When You Want a Room to Feel Bigger

    Chevron wall decal
    Walls Need Love

    Horizontal stripes worn on people can be a mistake, but they can do wonders on the wall of a small room. If you can not—or simply do not want—to use paint, simply apply vinyl in bold cabana stripes or trendy chevron to achieve a room-widening effect as well as instant style. This chevron stripe pattern comes courtesy of Walls Need Love.

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    DIY Wall Decals

    DIY wall decals
    Home Made Modern

    Are you the DIY type? Check out Home Made Modern for some ways to make your own vinyl decals that are perfectly on-trend.

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