4 Manufacturers of Ceramic Wall Paint

ceramic wall paint
Ceramic wall paint is durable and has low VOC qualities

O'Leary Paint

Ceramic wall paint is a recent alternative among residential latex paint products. Known both for its high durability and its low VOC (volatile organic compounds) content, ceramic wall paint achieves its performance through the tiny ceramic beads used as pigment extenders in the paint. These beads are perfectly cylindrical and so fine that they look like finely ground powder when poured in your hand. Because this form of pigment extender forms a perfectly smooth coat as the paint dries, the surface is extremely tough and impervious to wear. This is the most washable paint available, even in flat sheens.

Manufacturers of Ceramic Wall Paint

Until recently, ceramic paint was mostly used in industrial or commercial applications, and it has only recently become popular for residential use. As a result, some brands may only be available regionally.

Here are 4 manufacturers who make interior ceramic paint for residential use.

O'Leary Paint

Michigan-based O'Leary Paint company offers a ceramic wall paint known as Ceramic Coat Interior Premium 100% Acrylic Waterborne Latex Enamel—and the lengthy name defines the product completely. This is a latex paint that can be used for a wide range of interior applications. A principle virtue is that it's low-odor formulation complies with LEED Green Building Rating System GS-1 standards, which accounts for its premium price. O'Leary also makes a similar outdoor paint, known as Solar Ceramic.

O'Leary Paint stores are found in Michigan and Indiana, but consumers can also buy their products from the website. O'Leary ceramic paint costs about $70 per gallon.

California Paint

California Paint company added a line of ceramic paints with its acquisition of Chicago-based Graham Paint Company in 2014. It offers a line of fine interior latex ceramic paints, known as Ultra Aquaborne Ceramic, in three glosses: eggshell, satin, and semi-gloss. It retails for about $50 per gallon.

California Paint is sold at company stores in Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Arkansas, and it is also sold at many independent paint & wallpaper stores across the country. The website can help you find local retailers who carry the product.


Hirschfield's is a chain of paint and decorating stores based in Minnesota, also with stores in North and South Dakota and Wisconsin. Its line of ceramic interior paint is known as Platinum CeramicTM, and it comes in three glosses: eggshell, satin, and matte.

Hirschfield's stores can be located at the website, and their products are also available for sale online. Price for ceramic paint is about $65 per gallon.

Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore, based in Montvale, NJ, sells their interior ceramic paint under the Regal line, offering flat, matte, eggshell, pearl, and semi-gloss finishes. The fact that these are ceramic paints is disguised somewhat by the name "advanced particle technology" applied to this paint line. The Regal line is also mildew-resistant, making it excellent for bathrooms and other damp areas.

Benjamin Moore's interior ceramic paint costs about $50 per gallon. Their products are sold only at specialty paint stores and some hardware stores, including Ace.