Where Can One Buy Discontinued Furniture?

Couple shopping for furniture in store

Les and Dave Jacobs / Cultura / Getty Images

If you are looking for specific lines or specific pieces of discontinued furniture to complete a set, the first place to start looking is the manufacturing company's website. Find some links to your local dealers from the manufacturer's website. There is a chance they might have pieces from a discontinued line of furniture, especially if it was not put out of commission too long ago. Call or visit your local dealer(s) to see if they might have the furniture you are looking for.

Even if they do not have the pieces you are looking for, ask if it is possible for the dealer to get in touch with the manufacturer regarding the furniture you are looking for. That might work, and again, you might have better luck if the line was a popular one, and was not discontinued too long ago.

Contacting the Manufacturer

At this point, if you haven't had any success with your local furniture retailers, you may also want to try getting in touch with the manufacturer yourself. With some luck, you may be able to talk to someone who might be able to point you in the right direction.

However, despite taking all these measures, it is not always possible to get these pieces, especially if it has been a while since that particular line was discontinued. Manufacturers often sell these pieces to closeout stores once they decide to discontinue a line, which brings us to another avenue that you might want to explore.

Furniture Store

Furniture outlets and clearance centers are worth exploring when you are looking to find pieces from a discontinued line of furniture. That is not a sure shot either, and for that reason may be very time consuming as you look around online, as well as locally. The outcome could still be uncertain because these stores still might not have the pieces you are looking for. You may have to go through several outlets and clearance centers.

If you have exhausted all these options with no success, try scouring local garage sales and estate sales if you are willing to buy used furniture. If the furniture you are looking for was part of a popular line, you may have some luck. Try posting online on Craigslist.org or e-Bay. When doing that you may want to specify which area you live in unless you are willing to pay huge shipping fees to bring the furniture in from somewhere else.

Out of all these options, your best bet is to get in touch with a local dealer who carries the brand you are looking for. Try a few stores to find someone who is helpful and will work with you in finding your desired piece.