Where to Buy Fresh Herbs Online


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It's possible to plan and start your herb garden without ever leaving your house, thanks to companies that sell herb seeds and plants online. Be aware of the risk in buying plants online, as you can't inspect them yourself to make sure that they're healthy. However, for some, the convenience may be worth taking that chance. If you're worried about the plant arriving safely, purchase from a company that guarantees the health of the plant upon arrival or choose to purchase seeds that you can start yourself at home.

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    Richters sells both seeds and plants for herbs such as basil, thyme, cardamom, sage, and more, as well as the seeds and plants of vegetables. According to the company, seeds are available in bulk and y the packet, and most packets contain 100 or more seeds—even thousands. If you don't want to start the seeds yourself, you can purchase plants, plug packs of 12 or plug trays of 90, depending on the plant you're interested in. Richters also sells dried herbs.

    Richters has taken the Safe Seed Pledge, which means that they do not knowingly buy or sell genetically engineered seeds or plants. The website is also a wealth of information on herbs, offering up Q&As about culinary herbs, Chinese herbs, medicinal herbs, growing herbs, and more.

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    Mountain Valley Growers

    Based in California's Central Valley, Mountain Valley Growers only sells live herbs, vegetable and ornamental plants. The company's website also offers a valuable resource for gardeners: botanical name cross-referencing and herb quick reference pages, where you can research just the right plant that you meant to buy and learn the proper growing conditions. There is nothing like having the security of knowing you can grow something before shelling out the money for plants that don't stand a chance.

    All of the plants sold by Mountain Valley Growers are USDA-certified organic. The company offers a shipping guarantee, which means that your plants will be healthy and ready to grow when you get them, and they will either send a replacement or offer a refund.

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    Companion Plants

    Companion Plants, based near Athens, Ohio, sells more than 600 common and exotic herb plants, including medicinal, culinary, ceremonial, aromatic, butterfly, fiber and dye plants, as well as more than 200 varieties of seeds.

    The plants ship in 2.5-inch pots square by 3.5-inch deep pots that encourage root growth. The company guarantees the plant's safe arrival to your home. Companion Plants only ships live plants within the United States.

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    Grower's Exchange

    Grower's Exchange has been offering fresh herbs and other plants since 1985. If you know what herbs you want to purchase, you can search by name. If you're not sure, however, the Grower's Exchange website allows you to browse herbs by trait, such as herbs that attract pollinators, herbs that you can use in cocktails, easy-to-grow herbs, and herbs that grow well indoors. The company also offers herbal kits and gifts, such as sea salt bath kits.

    Grower's Exchange guarantees that the plants are healthy when they leave the greenhouses. They ship by zone, which means that you can order when it's safe to plant in your area—based on the last frost date and other data—as well as availability of the plants. The Grower's Exchange website also offers a variety of resources on herb gardening.