Where To Buy Herb Plants Online

Where Can I Buy Herb Plants Online?

Buying herb plants online can be a tricky business. How do you know that your plants are true to the label, or going to arrive in a healthy condition? Here are some places that I have had good luck buying live plants from. 

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One thing that should be added is that mail dates are there for a reason. Some people buy their plants as early as possible, so if a plant freezes due to you jumping the gun and buying it a month early, that isn't the fault of the grower. 

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    Richters is first on my list of places to purchase herb plants online. I used to buy flats of herbs for our greenhouse business and still continue to be a completely satisfied customer all these years later.

    Their herb selection is huge. You can find hundreds of different varieties and dozens of every type of herb you might need. I love that every year, the catalog comes early and I start making lists of herbs that I want, those that I need and then an ever longer list of herbs I never knew...MORE existed!

    These are true herb experts. The catalog includes comprehensive information about growing and using everything they sell. Order as early as possible as soon as you get the catalog is good. Their selection is vast, but they do only have a limited number of actual plants available. Don't forget, you can order as few as a single plant, or even a small tray of 12! This is the perfect size for the serious home herb gardener.

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    Horizon Herbs
    Horizon Herbs. © Horizon Herbs

    Ok, I admit to having a little herbal crush on Richo Cech, for the energy that he brings to the herbal world. Not only is he highly skilled, he continues to work tirelessly, to protect and learn about herbs from around the world.

    If you have some time, before ordering your herbal plants from Horizon Herbs, take a moment and read all of the herbal pages that are there. It is literally an herbal education within the site itself.

    Buying herb plants from Horizon is also a joy. The plants are healthy...MORE and robust, obviously packed with care. I highly recommend using Horizon Herbs when looking for medicinal herbs for your gardens.

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    Mountain Valley Growers
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    Another herb grower that I have not ordered from directly, but the buzz is all good in my group of herb loving friends. To me, that is good enough for my business! I love that they are USDA Certified Organic, and they also sell flowers and vegetable plants.

    Their site also offers a huge extra: Botanical name cross-referencing and Herb quick reference pages, where you can research just the right plant that you *meant* to buy and find out the proper growing conditions for everything. There is...MORE nothing like having the security of knowing you can grow something before shelling out the money for plants that don't stand a chance.

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    Companion Plants Herb Farm
    Companion Plants. © www.companionplants.com

    This final site was a joyous find for me. I came to it by way of a few other herbalist's recommendations. It sells a huge variety of herbs for medicinal and culinary use. Your selection is sorted for easy shopping: Aromatic, Dyes(be still my heart), Butterflies, Everlasting, Traditional, Repellent, Culinary, Honey, Native, and Ornamental. What a find!

    If you have had experience ordering from this herb farm, please send me an email. I would love to hear your thoughts!

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