Where To Buy Shopkins Kinstructions

Shopkins Kinstructions
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If your child is beginning their Shopkins obsession, then you might not know exactly where to buy Shopkins, yet. Do not worry, you will quickly learn the tips and tricks of finding these popular toys. Different from Shopkins are Shopkins Kinstructions sets. Shopkins Kinstructions are construction toy sets that kids use bricks to build fun play areas, piece by piece. 

Shopkins from Moose Toys are small, teeny-tiny, soft and squishy fruits, vegetables, shoes and other characters with adorable names.

Shopkins Kinstructions sets are different playsets, made by another toy company, that Shopkins fans will love to play with, too.

Aside from collecting Shopkins and their playsets, with Shopkins Kinstructions, kids can use construction bricks, which are similar to LEGO's, to build their own Shopkins themed playsets. The sets also include Shopkins characters that can be built.

Shopkins Kinstructions sets can be bought for different prices. Some sets have several hundred pieces, others have less. There is a Shopville Town Center, a 2 Level Supermarket, a Bakery, Beauty Shop, and a Fruit and Vegetable Stand. Shopkins Kinstructions sets are affordable. The most expensive set to date is $35, which are a lot less when compared to other construction toys. 

These sets are recommended for kids ages 6 and up, because they involve sorting through small pieces, then following step-by-step instructions to create the playset.

Aside from snapping and stacking blocks together, parents will need to help young child place stickers. Some cardboard stores have signs that attach to the bricks with small pegs.

The Shopkins Kinstructions sets are easy to put together quickly. The directions do provide many steps on one page, so it may be harder for some kids to follow the instructions since there is a lot of information on the page.

The bricks are high-quality and will stay assembled once snapped together. Be careful when attaching the cardboard signs to the bricks, the cardboard can rip and tape might be needed to repair it. 

To be clear, kids who love Shopkins should also love Shopkins Kinstructions, but they are not the same as the ones sold and collected by Moose Toys. The super-collectible Shopkins are not bought inside the packages of these Kinstructions sets. However, once the Kinstructions sets are built, they make great playsets for the child's Shopkins collections. 

In stores, because of the popularity of Shopkins, aside from the popular Shopkins toys and playsets from Moose Toys, there are backpacks, coin purses and even plush toys kids may like to color and decorate with washable markers.

Still not able to find those famous Shopkins toys? Here are some other great tips on how to find Shopkins:

  • Before driving from store to store, save time by calling ahead and ask if they have the toys on the shelf.
  • Crafting stores with toy aisles like Michaels and AC Moore have great selections to choose from and they often include 50% shopping coupons in their flyers
  • If there are not any available, ask stores which day of the week new toy shipments arrive
  • Arrange your shopping trips to coincide with a shipment day for your best chance of finding popular toys 

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