Top 6 Places Kids Can Find Great Pen Pals

Safe Sources for Children to Make Friends Through Letters

A picture of a girl writing a letter
Pen pals still have a special place in a child's heart. Photo © aldomurillo / Getty Images

These days, kids connect with each other by sending instant messages or posting on each other's Facebook pages. Bring back the good old days when kids sat down and wrote letters to each other by helping them find pen pals. Sitting down and writing letters is another way to let your kids socialize with their peers. You just have to know where to look to find pen pals: 

Your Child's School

You're a busy parent and that may mean you don't have a lot of time to join PTA or other activities that require a large time commitment.

Your child's school can be a great resource to find pen pals when you approach the principal about starting a pen pal program.

Not only will this allow you to be involved in a school project you started yourself, the principal can help you start programs at one or more other schools across the country. Your kids get the benefit of being able to connect with pen pals in their grade hundreds, or even thousands, of miles away. 

Your Friends

Thanks to the Internet, you're able to re-connect and keep in touch with people you may not have even seen since you were in first grade. But you and your friends are all grown up now and many of have children.

Ask your friends if they would be interested in letting their kids write yours. Not only does this give you the peace of mind of knowing who your kids are connecting with when they write, it's also pretty special to see your children making new friendships with the kids of your childhood friends.

Their Friends

Your kids are growing up and making friends of their own. They're also learning that some of their friends often move away, they don't get to see them anymore and that can be hard for any child to deal with.

We promise our kids will go for a visit or that everyone will keep in touch but our hectic lives get in the way.

Before you know it, our kids can barely remember that BFF's name. Encourage the kids to become pen pals. Instead of relying on the parents to send emails or become Facebook friends, the kids can have more control on how they stay in touch so they can keep their friendships going.

Kids' Groups

Are your children involved in special activities, such as Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4-H or homeschooling groups? These groups often bring kids from a variety of cities together at club outings.

Your children have buddies during the festivities and then everyone goes their separate ways. What a pity! When kids click and share common interests, swap addresses so they can become pen pals. Not only can they keep in touch with their friends, they can also check in on their ups and downs as time passes. This continued contact, along with the highs and lows of people they know, helps instill a certain level of compassion in your child, helping them care about kids they may or may not see anymore but do know.

Summer Camps

Summer camp is such a fun experience for children. Many times, they get to meet children from other states or even other countries.

This is the perfect opportunity for them to come home with numerous pen pals.

Send them to camp with an address book so they can fill up their pages with all sorts of new pen pals and not lose touch with the people they've bonded with during summer camp.

Reputable Web Sites

It can be scary to trust a web site to find your child's next pen pal. Pen Pal World and International Pen Friends promise to keep your kids safe as they match your children up with the perfect pen pal.

As always, do your homework before offering up your personal information. Check sites offering pen pals yourself to make sure you're comfortable with how they connect your child up with another child as pen pals.