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    35 Places to Find Micro Jobs

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    Below are companies that offer micro jobs. These are small gigs, or micro tasks, that pay equally small amounts. Though the tasks aren't hard, the pay is low. So before you get started checking out these microjobs, I recommend you read this article What Is a Micro Job? to find out more about how they pay and what they require.

    Amazon Mechanical Turk
    Type of micro job: Online tasks, crowdsourcing
    Pays in: US dollars, Indian rupees or Amazon gift certificates, depending on your location
    One of the...MORE original micro jobs, Amazon’s MTurk lists HITs (human intelligence tasks) which workers choose and complete for a set fee.formerly

    Appen (Appen Butler Hill)
    Type of micro job: Online tasks, crowdsourcing
    Pays in US dollars $0.01 to $0.15 per task
    Translation and language solutions firm also offers microjobs in countries across the world for people in specific countires with specific language skills.

    Type of micro job: Crowdsourcing in writing, translating, data entry and research
    Pays in: US dollars or euros, monthly
    Company uses a crowdsourcing platform to distribute tasks to its “clickworkers.”
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    More Like This:

    Type of micro job: Online task site
    Pays in: US dollars, twice weekly via PayPal, Payza, Liberty Reserve; month for checks; minimum cash out requirements with fees
    Microworkers earn cents for viewing ads and by other small task and by referring others to the site. What task are available depend on the profile of the worker.

    Type of micro job: Crowdsourcing in general writing, marketing writing, and editing (Chicago Manual of Style)
    Pays in: US dollars in PayPal account
    Workers sign up using Facebook. They must pass a series of assessment and build a credibility score to access each type of work. Micro jobs offer fee and bonus.

    Type of micro job: Various
    This company partners with other micro job outfits, like Mechanical Turk, Swag Bucks or CoinWorker. Once signed up with one of its more than 15 partners microworkers can search its list of available tasks.

    Type of micro job: Online task site
    Pays in: Bitcoins (BTC); earn points at 1 point= $.01USD; at 180, points are converted to bitcoins at the prevailing BTC/USD exchange rate
    Workers earn small amounts (typically 1 to 4 cents) by completing short tasks that can be done in their browsers.

    Type of micro job: Real-world task site via mobile phone
    Pays in: US dollars in PayPal account
    Users download the app on their cell phone and earn points by successfully complete “shifts” and then gain access to better paying assignments. The types of micro jobs from this crowdsourcer offers are tasks for consumer brands looking to track their products, so photos of products in stores with price checks are the mainstay of this company. Payments for shifts range from $2 to $20. Available in the United States only at this time.

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    Embee Mobile
    Type of micro job: Mobile microtask websites
    Pays in: Points redeemable for mobile airtime or other services
    Facebook users download mobile app that supplies free mobile service and digital downloads in exchange for playing videos and games and doing surveys and online tasks. Available in more than 100 countries globally and via more than 300 mobile carriers, including AT&T and Verizon.

    Type of micro job: Online task/services marketplace
    Pays in: USD via PayPay; withdraws require an $84 minimum and can be processed 15 days after payment is made
    This is another site like Fiverr in that people list services they will provide for a fixed price, except the jobs prices are at $40 or $50. So the jobs are bigger, slightly more than “micro tasks.” Fittytown takes a $10 commission on each job.

    Type of micro job: Online task marketplace
    Pay is: Calculated in USD and paid via PayPay with a 2% or $1 fee (whichever is less) in the currencies that PayPal works with
    Calling itself the “world’s largest marketplace for small services,” Fiverr is probably the best known too. Members join through Facebook then start selling services priced at $5 and sellers receive $4 of that. Categories of work include writing and translation, video, music and audio production, social marketing and graphics.

    Type of micro job: Online task/services marketplace
    Pays in: Pounds via PayPal with a 2% or £1 fee (whichever is less)
    Very similar to Fiverr, this is the UK version. Sellers offer services for £5, £10, £20, and £50.

    Field Agent
    Type of micro job: Real-world and online tasks via mobile phone
    Pays in: PayPal account; jobs pay $3-12 each
    Agents download the app, choose a job and then must complete it within two hours. Jobs might include price checks with photo and/or bar code scan, mystery shopping, surveys, product reviews, polls, business locations verification, photos and brochure placement.

    Type of micro job: Real-world and online microtasks via mobile phone
    Pays in: PayPal account; tasks typically pay $3-5 per gig
    People log on and find “gigs” or tasks, which can be price checks, app testing, data verification, taking photos, mystery shopping, surveys, etc.

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    Note: This is a fast growing field--so much so, that the companies offering microjobs may come and go. Please email me at workathomemoms@aboutguide.com, if you find that any of these is no longer in business. Also, though I have read through these companies’ websites and their terms of service, I cannot guarantee they are all legitimate, and certainly there may be scams among the posted "gigs." Please read the signs of a work at home scam and do your own due diligence to look out for scams.

    I do not list any companies that mostly focus on unethical activities, like creating spam or gaming search engine results. However, these types of activities could be part of the offerings at the above companies.

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