Where to Look for Pottery Classes

Classes in pottery or ceramics can help you expand your technical and expressive voice in clay. They can also be great fun. You may have decided that you would like to take a class in pottery, but aren't sure how to find one. Here are some places to look.
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    Art Supply Retailers

    Art supply stores often offer classes to their customers and communities. Many offer classes in watercolor and acrylic. Some do offer classes in pottery or ceramics. It is well worth asking.

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    Area Art Centers

    Many art centers have classes in various art and craft disciplines. Subscribe to your local art center’s newsletter to be notified of upcoming classes. Also, don’t be afraid to ask if they have pottery classes or are planning to do so in the future. Your interest could be the spark that leads to such classes being offered.

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    Area Art Museums

    Just as art centers often have classes, so do many art museums. Classes are often part of their outreach programs. It is always well worth asking both for current classes and to subscribe to their newsletter.

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    A huge number of higher education institutions offer classes in ceramics (pottery). Check with your local community colleges as well as larger colleges and universities.

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    Pottery & Ceramic Magazines

    Magazines that cater to the potting crowd often include a number of ads for workshops and classes in each issue. Look in the classified ads as well as the ads on each page.

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    Local Potteries

    Ask the potters in your area. Many studio potters are more than pleased to share their craft and may have workshops and classes that they offer in their studios.