Where to Place Smoke Detectors in Your Home

Safety Equipment for Your Home

Young man testing smoke alarm on ceiling
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Smoke detectors are designed to sense rising smoke in your home. Some people believe that they are intended to detect a fire in your home, but they actually warn you before the fire starts or at least spreads. Having smoke detectors in your home can be one of the best early warnings you can buy. They work at all hours of the day and night, especially when you are asleep and wouldn't likely see the warning signs of a fire.

Smoke detectors need to be placed in optimal locations throughout the home. The locations are important nut also the height in which they are mounted is equally important.  They should be placed high on the walls of your home, but contrary to some beliefs, not necessarily on the ceiling. The reason being, from some in the fire extinguisher business, is that other deadly gasses, say from burning foam in couches, will actually rise to the top at ceiling level, forcing the smoke downward to possibly twelve inches below the ceiling. In this case, the smoke detector may not detect the smoke. It is better to place the detector around 12" from the ceiling on the wall.

Smoke detectors should be placed in bedrooms, kitchens away from stoves, living rooms, the top of stairways. Ultimately, every floor of your home should have at least one smoke detector in it. A smoke detector should also be placed in an attached garage.I like smoke detectors in hallways leading towards bedrooms to act as an early warning for those in the bedrooms. Don't forget basements, sun rooms, and attached swimming pool and spa ares of the home.

Smoke detectors come battery operated and work independently, or they come with an electrical connection and have a battery backup supply. This way, when the power goes out, the smoke detector just keeps on protecting. These smoke detectors are called hardwired smoke detectors. They have an interconnecting wire that connects to each of the other smoke detectors in the home. That way, if on detector goes off, so do all the rest. This will warn you no matter where you may be in the home.

The hardwired systems that I put in had an orange-colored wire that was the interconnecting wire to each unit. Believe me, when these vast amount of smoke detectors go off, you will know it. It will properly warn you of the danger and allow you time to get safely out of the home. Combine this unique feature with the smoke detectors that come equipped with a light that lights up to show you a safe pathway out of the home. try finding a flashlight with smoke and fire in your home at night. Trust me, they are truly worth the extra expense.buying this upgraded model. Imagine trying to navigate up and down stairs in the dark. That's why these are my choice for a must-have smoke detector.

For safety purposes, always change the batteries twice a year. The easiest time to remember is when the time changes. every time that the time changes, Spring ahead or Fall behind, that's the perfect time to pitch the old batteries and replace them with fresh ones. Do not be cheap and replace the batteries with the cheap ones, but rather buy long -life batteries designed to go the distance and recommended by the manufacturer. Remember, it's you and your family's lives that you are trying to protect.

Most building codes today require hardwired smoke detectors be placed in homes, with the battery-powered type detectors be used as backup only. Most certainly if you're building a new home, you'll want to include the hardwired type for maximum safety. Here's how to learn how to wire a hard wired smoke detector.It is quite simple to do, especially if you are in the process of building a new home. Don't skimp on the amount of smoke detectors you add to the home. try to remember places like laundry rooms, furnace rooms, water heater rooms, Better coverage means better protection for all.